Financing your semester abroad

Finances are an important topic in the decision process. This section provides detailed information on the various costs that may incur as well as funding opportunities such as Erasmus+ and Mühlfenzl. Use the cost calculator to compare the estimated total costs of your Top 3 University Choices.

Tuition for Term Abroad
Tuition for your study abroad term varies, depending on the type of study option(s) at the host university and often also on the study level (bachelor vs. master). Besides tuition, there might be some other fees (application fee, facility fees, technology fee) due at the host university. Please refer to the MBS partner university online database for details on each university.

Type of study options:

  • Exchange spots (student pays regular tuition to MBS)
  • Erasmus spots (student pays regular tuition to MBS and can receive an Erasmus grant via MBS)
  • Fee-paying spots (student pays tuition to host plus study abroad fee to MBS)

Additional Costs
Apart from tuition, additional costs may arise. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Flight
  • Visa costs
  • Books
  • Accommodation
  • Travel while abroad
  • Health Insurance
  • Food/Going Out
  • Transportation
  • Hobbies (e.g. movies, plays, sport games etc)

Please also be mindful that the cost of living may be more or less than what you are used to in Munich. Feel free to use the Cost Calculator at the end of this page to estimate the total cost associated with your stay.

To whom do I pay tuition to during my semester abroad?
Depending on the host university, there are two tuition scenarios:

  • Students who receive an exchange or Erasmus spot at the host university pay regular tuition to MBS during their term abroad and no tuition to the host university.
  • Students who select a fee-paying spot or who pursue a dual degree (except for Skema, NTSU, and NTNU), pay tuition directly to the host university PLUS a reduced MBS tuition rate to MBS during the term abroad.
Student Level Exchange/Erasmus spot
(no extra tuition)
Fee-paying spots- additional tuition
(tuition exceeds MBS tuition)
Bachelor Regular tuition to MBS Tuition to host + 25% to MBS
MA-IB/SBC/MBA-IM Regular tuition to MBS Tuition to host + 50% to MBS (25% & 25%)*

*Fee-paying master students and dual degree:
Master students pay a reduced last tuition rate (50%) to MBS which covers the organization of the term abroad (25%) and the thesis (25%).
Students who need to split the reduced rate for financial reasons can request this procedure in written form from MBS.

To find out what universities qualify for the scholarships listed below, please refer to the MBS online partner university database.

Privately Funded Scholarship

Mühlfenzl Scholarship (German citizens only)

This scholarship is awarded by the private Mühlfenzl Foundation and is currently for German citizens only. Students with an MBS NC (GPA) of 2.5 or better with social engagement and financial need may apply. The amount varies from €1000-2000 depending on the student. It is a one-time payment.

Deadline for the fall semester: end-March
Deadline for the spring semester: mid-August

Download Application form

Government Funded Programs

ERASMUS (All students)

For semesters abroad in Europe: MBS receives a certain amount from the DAAD each year which it distributes to those students attending universities with bi-lateral agreements (see MBS online partner university database). The amount of grant each students receives depends on how much money MBS receives from the DAAD. Typically students can expect about €1000 for one semester.

For internships in Europe: Students with internships of at least 8 weeks can also apply for Erasmus grants via MBS. The internship can be done in any company in Europe (but not in Germany).

Deadline for the fall semester: end-March
Deadline for the spring semester: mid-August

Download Application for Eligibility

You can obtain more information about Erasmus+ from the International Center.


German citizens or permanent residents only. The German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) is independent of Inlands-BAföG. Students going on exchange will not be able to receive tuition from Auslands-BAföG. As an exchange student, each student pays to the home university and no tuition is paid to the host university.

More Information

Costs for each study option can vary significantly. Use this cost calculator spreadsheet to get a quick estimate on the total estimated cost for your Top 3 University choices abroad.

Step 1: Open the Cost Calculator to see what information is needed.

Step2: Check the tuition & fees for your university choices in the MBS online partner university database

Step 3: Utilize websites that let you compare the cost of living worldwide:

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