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Digital Leadership in Controlling & Finance

Leadership is gaining importance among employees in the fields of Controlling & Finance – regardless of a potential management function. Thus, technical knowledge and active leadership skills are equally relevant and interdependent. Digital transformation demands such leadership skills: Open creative leeway, encourage development of user-centered innovations and implement necessary (technical) changes.

Key Facts
Digital Leadership in Controlling & Finance

Date Vienna
15. September - 27. November 2020
Program Fee
3,990 Euro (plus VAT plus 690 Euro Case Challenge Fee)
Extra-occupational training

Successful Digital Leadership in Controlling & Finance consists of three elements:

Active Leadership Successful use of management methods for digital projects that are new, creative and foster innovation.

Functional Leadership: Consulting of top management and partaking in further development of processes, systems and tools in Controlling & Finance.

Business Leadership: Business Model Innovation - define sustainable business models and make the right use of potentials of the digital transformation.

and Course Contents

Structured in modules, the 6-day seminar “Digital Leadership in Controlling & Finance” covers all relevant aspects to conceptualize, implement and successfully manage the digital transformation in the field of controlling and finance. Thus, methodological and technical know-how are tailored to fit a holistic leadership approach. On the one hand, the focus is placed on the active workshops with their exercises of high practical relevance; on the other hand, successful use cases are presented to show the potential of digitalization.

To convey the course contents, experienced lecturers will use the following didactic methods:

  • Presentations and discussions
  • Best-practice examples
  • Workshops and projects in small groups
  • Implementation of an accompanying project in your own company
Kick-off: Online-Opening-Session (15.09.2020)


  • Getting to know the trainer team
  • Participants of the program and expectations
  • Organizational matters regarding program and course of action
  • Facts worth knowing about project work and case challenge
  • FAQs

Trainer: Jo Graff (etventure GmbH), Daniel Müller (Horvath & Partner Management Consulting GmbH), Dr. Raoul Ruthner (PACEup Management Consulting), Dr. Peter Schentler (Horvath & Partner Management Consulting GmbH), Clemens Nachbauer (Controller Institut GmbH)

Duration: 1 hour, webinar

M1 Agile Leadership – New Methods of Leadership of Digital Projects (24. - 25.09.2020)

Digital transformation changes everything and challenges companies to keep adapting to an ever-evolving market. Consequently, companies work faster and become more agile and increasingly digital. You will learn about active methods like SCRUM, Design Thinking and Lean Start-up by practice examples and interactive exercises and you will discover what managerial and organizational prerequisites need to be met to successfully implement these methods in your company. Prepare yourselves for the World of Work 4.0!

Course Contents

  • Overview of active methods & their fields of application
  • Introduction to SCRUM, Design Thinking and Lean Start-up
  • Visualize, test and validate new business ideas
  • Implement active methods in the corporate context the right way
  • Principles for leadership of active teams
  • Leadership based on OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)
  • New Work & Leadership
  • Best practices of active organization forms
  • This seminar is designed as an active hands-on workshop

Trainer: Jo Graff (etventure GmbH)

Individual Module Price: 1,590 Euro

M2 Functional Leadership – Digital Transformation in Controlling & Finance (15.-16.10.2020)

Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Robotics, Cloud Services, Collaboration – these and more key words are becoming more and more relevant for controlling. But how do digitalization and automatization influence controlling and finance? This seminar answers these questions and lays out changes for controlling and management by use of concepts and examples and describes how companies can utilize these trends to achieve better results and shape processes more effectively and efficiently.

Course Contents

  • Digitalization - important trends and developments
  • Effects of digitalization on controlling
  • Influence of digital business models on controlling
  • Digital strategy for CFO organization and controlling
  • Digital vision, mission and guidelines for CFO organization
  • Draft of a digitalization road map
  • Alignment CFO digitalization strategy with corporation digitalization strategy
  • Testimonials and use cases for digitalization
    • Use of Predictive Analytics
    • Digital Forecasting
    • Use of Robotics
  • Requirements for organization, employees and skills
  • Transformation of CFO organization

Trainer: Daniel Müller, Dr. Peter Schentler (Horvath & Partner Management Consulting GmbH)

Individual Module Price: 1,590 Euro

M3 Business Leadership – Develop Sustainable Business Models (05. - 06.11.2020)

To benefit from the potentials of digital transformation, new business models are needed. Not only start-ups but also well-established companies can use these potentials and create completely new business models. This workshop will give you an overview of sustainable digital business models and teach you the essential critical success factors. Through practical exercises and numerous market relevant examples you will also learn how to define, validate and successfully implement digital business models.

Course Contents

  • Analysis of the degree of digitalization of your own company
  • Critical success factors of sustainable business models
  • Digital business opportunities for well-established companies
  • Implementing business model Canvas the right way
  • The map of digitalization
  • Validation of digital business models
  • Best-practices of digital business models
  • This seminar is designed as an active hands-on workshop

Trainer: Jo Graff (etventure GmbH)

Individual Module Price: 1,590 Euro

Case Challenge for Certified Digital Leader in Controlling & Finance (30.11.2020)

Present and discuss your own digitalization project

Based on the knowledge acquired in this seminar you will be able to implement your new skills in your company with your own project. You create your project “masterpiece” and submit it as your final project to the seminar. You will then present it to a high-level committee from whom you will receive feedback, tips and further coaching. This is what secures the immediate practical relevance of your newly gained knowledge!

Digitalization project

  • By using the tools provided in the seminar you will bring a project from your company to fruition.
  • You identify concrete needs and design your project from a project structural plan to technical solution approaches.
  • You document your concept and submit it with the Jury of the Controller Institute.

Presentation and discussion

  • You present your “masterpiece” on site to the jury members. You receive detailed feedback on your concept and possible ways for further development.
  • In addition, you have the chance to obtain further technical personal coaching so that you can benefit from as implementable impulses as possible.


  • You benefit from extensive feedback and a look “from a different perspective”.
  • Experts are available to you for technical sparring and to support you with numerous tips and tricks.
  • You develop a project that is evaluated and can be implemented in your company immediately.

Jury: Clemens Nachbauer (Controller Institut, E&Y Austria), Dr. Raoul Ruthner (PACEup Management-Consulting)

Individual Module Price: 690 Euro

"Digital Finance is far more than a “pure” topic of technology and therefore a holistic approach is needed if you want to be successful. Thus, one of the core tasks of Digital Leadership is to proactively co-create this process of change in the fields of finance and controlling."

Dr. Raoul Ruthner, Head of Seminar Digital Leadership in Controlling & Finance

Target Group and Participants

The seminar is aimed at experienced specialists and managers from different specialist areas of controlling & finance who want to actively shape the digital transformation and strive for a holistic leadership for it. Thus, the seminar addresses experts who want to break fresh grounds methodologically as innovative leaders for digitalization, who also like to think outside the box to expand their scope and who are eager to try new things. Participants of this seminar know the basic requirements of dynamically changing fields of controlling and finance and consider themselves co-creators of sustainable business models.


  • Job experience in Controlling and Finance of at least 3 years
  • Relevant technical education (e.g. Certified Controller, university degree etc.)

MBS offers this course in cooperation with the Vienna Controller Institute. For more than 35 years, Controller Institut has been a market-leading educational partner for business administration and management development in companies, non-profit organizations and public administration with a focus on controlling, accounting, corporate finance as well as strategy and leadership. With its three service components - training and further education, community and knowledge network - the Controller Institute offers a unique and powerful approach to learning and competence development. Every year, more than 3,000 participants take part in the Controller Institute's training and executive education programs.

Your Trainer

Dr. Raoul Ruthner

PACEup Management-Consulting


Dr. Peter Schentler

Principal, Head of Controlling & Finance, Horvath & Partner Management Consulting GmbH

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