Effective Business Presentation

In general, the module aims at providing a pragmatic way of improving business presentations.

Key Facts
Effective Business Presentation

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Program Fee
790 Euro (plus VAT)

Course Contents

  • How to understand interests and needs of your target audience (i.e.: what are the best presentation techniques for your audience?)
  • How to create purpose in and through presentations
  • How to organize the right material, how to collect data to provide additional vital data?
  • How to prepare and give stunning presentations as a team
  • How to visualize your thoughts orderly
  • How to tell captivating stories in order to Keep audiences engaged
  • How to portray yourself effectively (preparing yourself mentally, language, body language)
  • How to properly end a presentation on a high note

Target Group

This executive education seminar is suitable for all employees, managers as well as leading operational staff.


Your Lecturer

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander K. Suhm

Dozent Business Consulting, Digital Business, Digital Transformation, Marketing & Sales,
Supervisory Board Chairman PDTec AG

Prof. Dr. Alexander Suhm is working in supervisory and advisory board mandates, is coaching startups and teaches bachelor and master students at MBS.


Studienberater MBS: Julia Brotzki
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PAGE-TITLE: Effective Business Presentation