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Big Waves - Big Ambitions:

Turning a passion for sports and entrepreneurship into the leading sports tech ecosystem

Keynote presentation by Co-Founder & CEO of IeAD Sports, Partner at ADvantage Sports Tech Fund, Christoph Sonnen. He describes his experiences as a company founder and reveals tips and tricks for your start-up.

Date and Time: The event is postponed. However, you are welcome to register using the links below and we will inform you as soon as a new date is set.

Munich Business School
MBS Lounge
Elsenheimerstraße 61
80687 München

The event will take place in English language.


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Christoph Sonnen

Co-Founder & CEO at leAD, Partner at ADvantage

Christoph Sonnen, leAD Sports Co-Founder, CEO and ADvantage Sports Tech Fund Partner, is an entrepreneur and venture capital expert with a passion for early-stage startups and sports. In the last twenty years, he has founded, managed and sold several businesses, structured funds and innovation projects in the sports and entertainment industry.

Christoph fell in love with surfing at a young age. Showing great promise when he was 14, he moved to Hawaii to chase his dreams of becoming a professional big-wave windsurfer while studying. He carried his passion for sports to the academic field, pursuing a master’s degree in Economics, Psychology and Sports Management. Through his surfing connections, Christoph started his professional career at Red Bull, when the energy drink giant was still a startup. As an early employee in a startup environment, Christoph had a taste of what it’s like to found and manage his own business.

After seven years at Red Bull, Christoph left the company to co-found and manage the SAGE Entertainment Group. In light of the success of the business, Christoph founded as a spin-off a marketing and distribution business focused on lifestyle, sports, and beverage verticals, and later on merged his company with the firm of his childhood friend, Markus Ehrig Holzapfel (Bergman & Franz Family Office). This merge happened to create a new venture which developed and invested in startups and incubation programs.

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