Prof. Dr. Evelyn Albrecht

With a practical background of more than 15 years as a top manager in international companies and over 10 years of experience as a coach, Prof. Dr. Evelyn Albrecht is definitely one of the most renowned business coaches.


She is a senior coach of DBVC (German Federal Coaching Association) and QRC (Coaching Quality Circle) as well as author of numerous specialist articles and textbooks. Besides her membership in several coaching associations (ICF, dvct, QRC, DBVC, EMCC), she is also part of the QRC board and Vice President Research of EMCC Germany. With her international research work, Prof. Dr. Albrecht sets new benchmarks in coaching, and has established a range of different coaching methods.

At MBS: Lecturer for Project Management

Courses: Bachelor International Business, Program Director Business Coach MBS®


All articles by Prof. Dr. Evelyn Albrecht on the MBS Business Blog

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