Prof. Dr. Marc-Michael H. Bergfeld


Prof. Dr. Marc-Michael Bergfeld is Professor for Family Businesses at MBS. He studied business administration in Ingolstadt, Washington D.C. and Buenos Aires and global strategy and innovation (PhD) at the University of Manchester, U.K. and Tsinghua University, Beijing, before receiving executive education in venture capital and private equity at Harvard Business School.

He heads the research, education and advisory boutique Courage Partners Group. Courage educates and advises leading Business Families globally, in particular in Emerging Markets, to protect and progress their families and enterprises, and supports them in defining and implementing strategies that shape legacies beyond one lifetime.

Professor Bergfeld also founded the Courage Center of Global Family Business as a dedicated think-tank and research center, assuring that Next Generation Family Business leaders can access cutting-edge research on Global Family Business & Wealth.

Professor Bergfeld is a regular moderator, facilitator and speaker at Family Business and Wealth conferences and seminars globally, as well as host of exclusive Family Business gatherings. His achievements include receiving a Best Poster Award at the Family Enterprise Research Conference for his work on Innovation in Family Businesses, being the Speaker of the Young Global Leaders of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, and a Rotary Scholar. He worked for a large German family-controlled security technology conglomerate, founded in 1852, prior to joining MBS, and was Senior Advisor in the CTO Office and New Business Division. He is a Board Member in various family-controlled businesses.

At MBS: Professor for Family Businesses

Courses: Master International Business, Bachelor International Business

Focus: Global Family Business & Wealth, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy


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