Petra-Anna Herhoffer

MBS Petra-Anna Herhoffer


Petra-Anna Herhoffer is founder and managing director of Inlux, a strategy consulting company focusing on premium and quality brands.

For Petra-Anna Herhoffer, the question "Where is ahead?" was and is THE compass for all her projects and relevant decisions. The management consultant knows how to identify trends early on and interpret them for clients and their brands over the long term. Her professional career includes positions as editor-in-chief, PR consultant, marketing director and managing director.

More than once she established new formats in the German-speaking world, e.g. the design guide Munich (1988), the first exhibition for fashion photography (2000) or the first courses for luxury management at no other university than MBS (2010). This was followed by the first conference for premium and luxury brands at the LBD Luxury Business Day (2011) and the first trade magazine for high-end brands, the LBR Luxury Business Report. Especially the foundation of Inlux as a think tank and consultancy for German high-end brands was absolutely forward thinking. She runs Inlux together with Julia Riedmeier, who today manages and supervises the Luxury Management concentration at MBS.

At MBS: Lecturer for Luxury Management

Courses: Master International Business

Focus: Luxury Management