Sean Hodges , M.Ed.

Sean Hodges completed his Bachelor’s at Keele University after completing an AA degree at a college in Georgia, U.S.A on a Rotary Club scholarship. He taught in English state schools for eight years as a department head and also a college of further education before he left England to take up the post of Director of studies at a Munich language school.He then became a freelance trainer and consultant for many Munich based companies specializing in executive communication skills. During this time he completed his M.Ed at the university of Exeter. He is currently specializing in lecturing in higher level communication skills on the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes as well as consulting in various Munich based companies.

An der MBS: Dozent für Business Communication, Executive Skills, Conflict Management
Studiengänge: Bachelor International Business, Master International Business, Master Sports Business and Communication, MBA General Management
Schwerpunkt: Conflict Management, Negotiations, Transcultural Communication, Presentations

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