Tine Svane Hansen , MBA, MA

With an MBA in International Management (MIIS, California) and an MA in Communications Management (UNISA, Australia) Tine Svane worked for almost 20 years in international business (LEGO, KIRK telecom/Polycom). Focus areas included marketing, sales, strategy and management. In 2009 she switched to an academic career at VIA University College (Denmark’s largest University of Applied Sciences). Here she worked initially as a lecturer as well as a researcher with focus on Global Virtual Teams, and later as Director of Education and Research for the VIA Business educational programs. Having lived in Denmark, USA, Argentina, and Singapore, she now lives in Munich and works at MBS with MBA Program Management and Development. Furthermore, she teaches International Management, International Leadership, and Intercultural Communication

At MBS:  Lecturer for International Leadership and Intercultural Communication

Programs:  MBA General Management

Topics of expertise:  Virtual Teamwork, International Management and Leadership, Strategy.

Hansen, Tine and Hope, Alexander John and Moehler, Robert C., (2012): Managing Geographically Dispersed Teams: From Temporary to Permanent Global Virtual Teams Available at SSRN: ssrn.com/abstract=2143185

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