Prof. Dr. Wolfgang W. Zirus

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zirus studied Business Administration in Regensburg. He worked for several years with Dresdner Bank (loan auditing) before going freelance as a lecturer. In this role, he has also been working for Munich Business School, starting as a freelancer until his employment as a lecturer. He obtained his doctor’s degree on problem-oriented learning environments in part-time studies parallel to his work at LMU Munich.


Prof. Dr. Zirus currently works for MBS as a course director and a lecturer for financial subjects. In addition, he continues to work as a freelance lecturer.

At MBS: Professor for Finance, Accounting, and Controlling

Courses: Bachelor International Business, Master International Business, Master Sports Business and Communication 

FocusFinance, Accounting, Controlling, Business Valuation

Zirus, W. (2003): Problemorientierte Lehrveranstaltungen in der Betriebswirtschaftslehre einer Fachhochschule. Konzepterstellung, Umsetzung und Evaluation, 2003.


All articles by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zirus on the MBS Business Blog

Zirus, W. (2018): Why Invest Money − and If So, in What? Part 1: Thoughts about Investing Money in Times of Zero Interest Rates. Munich Business School, 03-27-2018, https://www.munich-business-school.de/insights/en/2018/investment/

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Maráz, W. / Zirus, W. (2017): Academic Writing (Part 3): Scientific Language. Munich Business School, 05-31-2017, https://www.munich-business-school.de/insights/en/2017/academic-writing-part-3-scientific-language/

Schmidkonz, Ch. / Zirus, W. (2017): Impact Investing or the Desire for "Doing Good While Doing Well" (Part 2). Munich Business School, 03-02-2017, https://www.munich-business-school.de/insights/en/2017/impact-investing-part-2/

Maráz, W. / Zirus, W. (2017): Academic Writing (Part 2): Research. Munich Business School, 01-23-2017, https://www.munich-business-school.de/insights/en/2017/academic-writing-part-2-research/

Maráz, W. / Zirus, W. (2016): Academic Writing (Part 1): What is the Truth? Munich Business School, 09-05-2016, https://www.munich-business-school.de/insights/en/2016/academic-writing-part-1/

Schmidkonz, Ch. / Zirus, W. (2016): Impact Investing or the Desire for "Doing Good While Doing Well" (Part 1). Munich Business School, 08-26-2016, https://www.munich-business-school.de/insights/en/2016/impact-investing/

Zirus, W. / Seif, H. (2016): TTIP – a Fact-Based Analysis. Munich Business School, 04-15-2016, https://www.munich-business-school.de/insights/en/2016/ttip/

Zirus, W. / Seif, H. (2016): The Consequences of a German Leadership Role Within the EU. Munich Business School, 04-01-2016, https://www.munich-business-school.de/insights/en/2016/germany-eu/

Zirus, W. / Seif, H. (2016): Brexit – Will it Come? What Britain’s Exit of the European Union Means. Munich Business School, 02-19-2016, https://www.munich-business-school.de/insights/en/2016/brexit-will-it-come/


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