MBA General Management Full-Time – Highlights

Elective Courses

Besides the imparting of general management knowledge and skills, the MBA General Management full-time also covers a number of electives providing a deeper understanding of a particular field. During your studies, you combine two of four elective courses, selecting one specialized course per term. Choices are "Business in Germany" and "Global Supply Chain Management" in term 1 (September-December), and "Management in Emerging Markets" and "Business Law" in term 2 (February-May).

You will acquire general knowledge in disciplines such as national geography, culture, economy, and traditions. Ultimately, you will become an expert on business in Germany, which happens to be one of the world’s most prominent industrialized nations. This knowledge is also put into broad context with Western Europe. The fact that you have a comprehensive understanding of the backgrounds will open many doors for you in this attractive economic region.

It is divided into three major areas:

  • A general overview of the ever-changing global business environment
  • A closer examination of Supply Chain Management
  • A closer examination of the particular field of Logistics Management

Case studies will serve to better understand the theoretical concepts discussed during the lectures. Cases will be worked on interactively in small groups and possible solutions to the problems pointed out in the cases will be presented to the class.

Within the first ten hours, the academic foundations are introduced:

  • Frameworks of international management
  • Networks of center-periphery collaboration between headquarters and subsidiaries
  • Leading and lagging markets and their knowledge/technology transfer

All topics are explained and made clear in examples.

Subsequently, ten hours each are dedicated to expert lectures on Latin America, China, and India. Herein, the experts explain the rules and specific requirements of doing business in the respective region. They present cases and engage in deep discussions with the students.

In essence, this elective deals with the special challenges for internationally operating firms, which stem from differences in understandings of people embedded in different cultures, gaps in knowledge and technology between leading and lagging markets, and collaboration within and across organizations and their geographical, cultural, and individual filters.

The course covers different legal aspects of business transactions and gives an overview of commercial, intellectual property, corporate, labor and tax issues. On successful completion, students will 

  • understand the most significant activities in business law with emphasis on specific knowledge essential for managers in workplaces
  • understand the structure of the existing law in Germany, the legal processes by which laws are made and applies to active controversies
  • have surveyed and evaluated current business law topics as they occur in the business world

International Focus

Though basic business principles apply everywhere, every international market is shaped by its own political, cultural, and historical landscapes. A good share of your course work is therefore dedicated to exploring international markets, international business methods, and specific economies that are currently impacting global business.

You may choose one out of three international focuses:

  • Business in Germany & Europe
  • Business in Latin America
  • Business in China

In addition, you may improve your foreign language skills by participating in an optional language class, choosing between German, Spanish, and Chinese.

Testimonial Julia Dawson (MBA IM 2013-2015)