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MBS Absolventin, Iuliia Tretiak, Master International Management

Iuliia Tretiak

(MASTER International Business 2014-2016)

As an international student, it is not always so easy to find a proper internship/job in Germany due to different reasons: language barrier, lack of experience etc. The MBS Career Events give you a chance to introduce yourself in person, which is definitely a big advantage. After meeting "my" company at one of such events, my application process was fast and smooth. I not only got the working student position and wrote my thesis with the company, but also got a full time position afterwards. 

Svenja Norhausen

(MASTER International Business 2017-2019)

The Career Center at Munich Business School supported me competently and personally in the application process. Mrs. Raschen was very well prepared for our conversations, took a lot of time and gave me valuable tips. The interviews helped me to bring my application documents up to date and to clarify general questions. For the future Mrs. Raschen has offered me that I can contact you at any time - which I will certainly gladly take up again.

Melanie Ederer

(MASTER International Business 2016-2018)

The MBS Career Center helped me a lot with my application for various internships. Not only the extensive offers via the job portal, but also the personal advice of Ms. Raschen made it possible for me to optimally apply for the various jobs and to prepare myself well for interviews. She supported  me in improving my CV and in writing letters of application perfectly.

Her outstanding competence made it easier for me to eliminate ambiguities at any time. She was also able to answer all my questions about the application procedure, job interview, CV, and cover letter, and thereby helped me not only to be very well prepared, but also to enter the application process with self-confidence.

Sophia Eisenhut

(BACHELOR International Business 2012-2015, MASTER International Business 2016-2018)

Managing the student association MBS Invest, the MBS Career Center greatly supported me in acquiring guest speakers for events. The MBS Career Center provided me with contact details of dedicated experts from the financial industry. Thus, it did not only make possible all those interesting events, but additionally provided the participating students with contacts for potential internships.

Rut Sarai Abril Jimenez

(BACHELOR International Business 2011-2014, MASTER International Business 2014-2016)

Back in 2012, I was desperately looking for an internship in Munich. With my limited German skills at that time, it seemed almost impossible to find one. Luckily, the MBS Career Center was there to support me! Not only did I get useful tips concerning my application documents and the recruiting process in general, but also got to leverage the Career Center network. I am very happy and thankful for all the support I received as it helped me to open the gates to a promising career path.

Kelly Ann Heitzer

(MBA General Management Part-Time 2016-2018)

While studying for my MBA, I worked with the MBS Career Center regarding my future career goals. In the course of several individual coaching sessions, I was able to assess the opportunities I had been presented with and focus in on the aspects that were most important to me. The coaching helped me evaluate and define my own priorities which made the decision-making process regarding my next career step much easier.

Min Gündermann

(MBA General Management Full-Time 2015-2017)

The MBS Career Center greatly supported me in finding ab job and planning my career. The contact persons were always very approachable, very detailed, especially when they supported me to structure my resume. The Career Center also helped me to prepare my interviews, such as how to highlight my achievements and how to better express myself. This support definitely played a key role in becoming acquainted with the German labor market and also cleared away a lot of fear from me.

Amara Cole

(BACHELOR International Business 2011-2014)

MBS Career Center is very diligent, approachable and always willing to go the extra mile to help students with whatever issues they may have. Back in summer 2013, I remember being helpless and a bit discouraged to find an internship. I called and sent MBS Career Center emails and they were responded with enthusiasm. I am still amazed by its patience and very grateful for its support. Not only did they give me specific training methodologies on how to make my CV stand out. They also provided me contact details of the appropriate hiring managers in numerous companies in Germany. This made it possible to find my first internship in Munich. I would recommend MBS Career Center to anyone who needs help with career advice, application training, individual coaching and anything else in between.

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