Prof. Dr. Arnd Albrecht

Prof. Dr. Arnd Albrecht, MBA

Professor for Human Resources Management

Academic Director Bachelor International Business

Prof. Dr. Arnd Albrecht has been a professor for Human Resources Management and International Management at MBS since 2010. He is the Academic Program Director of the Bachelor International Business study program, and is involved in research and consulting activities at MBS as well as in his consulting company, where he supports industry projects in terms of HRM, leadership, and change management.

After completing his doctorate, Prof. Dr. Albrecht worked as an international senior manager in the pharmaceutical industry and as a strategic consultant for SMEs and corporations. In addition, he is a certified business coach and holds an MBA from Henley Management College.

At MBS: Academic Director Bachelor International Business, Professor for Human Resources Management

Courses: Bachelor International Business, Master International Business, MBA International Management

Focus: HR, Leadership, International Management, Change Management

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