What Makes a Good Business Coach?

Business Coach MBS

Coaching and Business Coaching are not protected professions yet. Therefore, there are also no minimum requirements so far that the customer or client could demand regarding the coaching process, methods or competence profile of a coach.

Some individual established coaching associations have compiled the corresponding requirements for their personally certified members that a coach must meet.

All member associations listed in the Round Table of Coaching Associations (RTC), demand high-quality competences and coaching processes of their members.

The following is an example collection of links that present the requirements to the coach and the coaching process of those coaching associations with which the MBS Business Coach certificate course cooperates closely:

As the Program Director of the Business Coach MBS certificate course, I have compiled a coach quality checklist for customers and clients that should be met in full by the chosen coach:

  • Training certified by a member association of the Round Table of Coaching Associations (RTC)
  • Personal certification by a member association of the RTC
  • Ethical conduct and behavior according to the ethics code specified by the coaching association of the personal certification; it is best if the coach shows this ethics code to the client and briefly discusses it with him
  • Several years of business experience, preferably in a managing position
  • Logical and analytic thinking
  • Quick mind and combination skills
  • Innovative thinking
  • Experience and joy in working with people
  • Own experience matching the client subjects
  • Life experience
  • Active restraint in coaching cooperation with the client
  • Professional distance
  • Understanding of the role of a coach as a detective or researcher
  • Confidence, optimism, joy in life and belief in the good in people and the world
  • Likeability factor

If customers or clients choose a coach based on this checklist, they can be certain that the coach will support them well and professionally.

The personal application process of the MBS Business Coach certificate course therefore not only includes formal criteria, but is also based on human, social and ethical criteria. Graduates as well as personally certified coaches are subject to permanent ethical review by the certification holder. If the ethical principles are not complied with, certification may be lost.

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Prof. Dr. Evelyn Albrecht is the program director of the certified study course “Business Coach” at MBS, also conducting the course herself. She studied natural science, business administration and philosophy. Following this, she acquired extensive experience on the top management level in various international companies for 15 years. For over ten years, Albrecht has worked as a coach and author; she is the Senior Coach of DBVC and QRC. Additionally, she is a member in many international coaching associations. As a professor for company and project management, she presently works as a teacher and researcher. Lecturer Profile