About Prof. Dr. Evelyn Albrecht
Prof. Dr. Evelyn Albrecht is the program director of the certified study course “Business Coach” at MBS, also conducting the course herself. She studied natural science, business administration and philosophy. Following this, she acquired extensive experience on the top management level in various international companies for 15 years. For over ten years, Albrecht has worked as a coach and author; she is the Senior Coach of DBVC and QRC. Additionally, she is a member in many international coaching associations. As a professor for company and project management, she presently works as a teacher and researcher. Lecturer Profile

What Makes a Good Business Coach?

February 3, 2017

Coaching and Business Coaching are not protected professions yet. Therefore, there are also no minimum requirements so far that the customer or client could demand regarding the coaching process, methods or competence profile of a […]

Checklist for Selecting your Top Coach

October 5, 2016

Would you hand over your most precious possessions – for example your child or your inheritance – to somebody without having checked before whether this person has the ability to deal with this at all? […]

Digitization of Coaching – a Curse or a Blessing?

February 12, 2016

The coaching community is currently debating about “Digital Media in Coaching“. This is an important and highly topical issue as the coaching scene seems to be undergoing change. As into any other sphere of life, […]

Business Coaching Competence: The Miracle Question

December 18, 2015

Please, allow yourself to experience a miracle!  In today’s blog article, I want to introduce you to the Miracle Question: The Miracle Question is an established coaching tool for finding out what a client really wants […]

Business Coaching Competence: The Empty Chair Method

October 30, 2015

“A change of perspective is often enough to see more clearly.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry What a simple, yet important truth! The business coaching method “Empty Chair” is great to realize such a change of perspective […]

Change of Perspective ‒ The New Leadership Skill

February 20, 2015

During the middle ages, hardly anyone dared to challenge the belief that the earth was flat. Now, everybody has been informed by space photography that this is not the case. From a certain distance, everything […]

Training for Business Coach: A Guide Through the Jungle of Offers

January 22, 2015

The working world is undergoing change – becoming more digital, specialized and multi-dimensional. With increasing complexity, leaders are forced to develop their subordinates’ potential more effectively and to become the coaches of their employees. For […]

Project Management ‒ A Decathlon Discipline

December 12, 2014

Why was the airport for greater Berlin literally built on sand? Why does the project of the Elbphilharmonie have the water up to its neck? There has been project management ever since the time when […]

Business Coaching ‒ The New Leadership Competence

November 21, 2014

Management and leadership competences are helpful, but no longer sufficient by any means. Business coaching competence is the benchmark for successful leadership, because it is an approach that allows employees’ potential to unfold to the […]