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Pre-Bachelor International Business

Would you like to prepare yourself optimally for your studies in business administration? Or first find out without obligation whether business is the right field of study? Then use the offer of the Munich Business School and start out with its pre-bachelor program! This is a voluntary preparatory course for prospective students of the Bachelor of International Business program at Munich Business School. At the same time, the program also serves as an orientation and can support you in making decisions. You take the course with the winter term from September to December. The Bacherlor course can then be taken up from February.

Pre-Bachelor International Business - Preparatory Program In English / Mathematics / Business Studies

Start your student life with the Pre-Bachelor study program! This foundation course, which runs from September to December enables you to improve your mathematics and English skills and acquire initial business knowledge. It is the perfect preparation for studying in English and finishes with the TOEFL test. Afterwards, you can start the Bachelor International Business in February. By enrolling on the Pre-Bachelor program, you can secure your place at MBS even with an average school-leaving grade.

Pass the TOEFL: The Pre-Bachelor program prepares you perfectly for the TOEFL test, which you need for your bachelor's studies, with English language courses and English as the language of instruction. The test is included and takes place at the end of the program.

Settle in: During the Pre-Bachelor study program, you will meet new friends who are in the same situation as you. Together, you will have enough time to find your feet in Germany and at MBS, get to know the culture and settle in. 

Experience internationality: On the Pre-Bachelor program, you will study alongside people from many different countries. You will familiarize with an international (learning) environment and acquire intercultural competencies.

Ready for university

Studying at Munich Business School marks the beginning of a new phase of life and a new stage in your education. The Pre-Bachelor program supports you through this process: In one semester, from September to December, you will expand your English and mathematics skills, gain initial insights into business topics, acquire helpful learning strategies for university study, make new friends and learn to work in international teams. It's the ideal way to make a successful start to your business studies!

After the Pre-Bachelor program, you will start directly with the bachelor's program in International Business in February and obtain your Bachelor of Arts degree after a total of four years of study.

Structure & Contents

The English-language Pre-Bachelor study program is a compact preparatory semester from September to December. It consists of mathematics, English and introductory business courses. You will also learn methods and strategies for efficient learning as well as time management and self-management. Throughout the program, you will prepare for the TOEFL test, which you take at the end of the program. Students with no knowledge of German also take a beginner's course in German as a foreign language.

Course overview:

  • Business Basics
  • Business Communication
  • Intensive Course Math
  • University Success Strategies
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Critical Thinking and Media Literacy
  • TOEFL Preparation Course and TOEFL ITP Test
  • German For Beginners
  • MBS Outreach Project or Business Simulation
  • Internal MBS events such as guest lectures, career events etc.

After completing the Pre-Bachelor study program, you can move straight onto your Bachelor International Business studies from February. 

Admission Requirements

The Pre-Bachelor study program requires a university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur, Fachhochschulreife, Matura, IB Diploma, A-levels, etc.) as well as good English language skills. Proof of English language skills at least at B2 level is sufficient for the application.

Application Process

You apply for the Pre-Bachelor study program in combination with the Bachelor International Business program. The two-step admission process consists of a written application, which you submit either via our online form or by email, and an online interview via Microsoft Teams.

More about the application process

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