MBS Professor Dr. Wolfgang Zirus Featured in Article on Impact Investing

MBS Wolfgang Zirus

German newspapers Frankfurter Rundschau and Handelsblatt have published an article on the upswing of Impact Investing (Handelsblatt link) in Germany. MBS Professor Dr. Wolfgang Zirus is cited in the article.

If you want to know more about the topic of Impact Investing (IMPIN), an investment strategy “which is not only about achieving a monetary ROI, but also about achieving value-centered objectives”, Dr. Zirus – in cooperation with fellow MBS Professor Dr. Christian Schmidkonz – has published two comprehensive professional articles on IMPIN on the MBS Business Blog: Impact Investing or the Desire for “Doing Good While Doing Well” (Part 1: The characteristics of IMPIN; Part 2: The development status of IMPIN in Germany).