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Master International Business (M.A.)

Do you feel at home all around the world? Would you like to pursue a truly international career? If so, the master’s program in International Business at MBS is the right choice for you! Not only will you further your understanding of economic fundamentals, you will also determine the focus of your studies, thereby developing expertise in various fields and refining your professional profile. The integrated semester abroad will prepare you for professional and leadership duties in international business. And, if you feel you would benefit from more international experience, you can add a second semester abroad and gain two specialist master’s degrees in two years – leaving nothing standing in the way of your international career!

Your Master International Business at MBS

Business Project: Together with your fellow students, you will carry out a project on behalf of a real company and apply your acquired knowledge in practice.

International Focus: You choose one international focus per semester, exploring different markets and methodologies as well as specific economic areas whose development influences the global economy.


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Key Facts
Master International Business

Duration Single Degree
18 months
Duration Dual Degree
24 months
20% to 40% reduction on semester 1 and 2
In german or english
Final Degree
Master of Arts (M.A.)

"In the International Business master's program, we train students to become responsible specialists with outstanding personal, professional and international skills. In addition to the high level of practical relevance, the unique aspect of the master's program is it international orientation. In the Dual Degree program, students can spend two semesters abroad instead of the usual one, which serves as the best possible preparation for a future in international management."

Prof. Dr. Christian Schmidkonz, Academic Director Master International Business


Besides the imparting of general business knowledge, MBS also offers specific concentrations in order to guarantee sufficient practical relevance of your studies. In each of the first two semesters, you will choose two of five or seven different concentrations. In this way, you get the opportunity to improve your individual competencies and prepare your future career.

International Marketing


As one of the classic business areas of activity, marketing deals with a company's distributive trade. With the business concentration International Marketing, in addition to the necessary methods and tools, the overall and internationally based approaches in the sense of market oriented business management are communicated using hands-on problems from the industry.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Interactive lectures, goup works, and case studies
  • Topics are intensively discussed and reflected in international context

Potential Future Business Area

  • Product manager, marketing or sales manager, associate in the marketing and sales of the business, associate at a management consulting firm or the activity of an independent marketing consultant

International Finance


In an ever more globalized financial world, international companies and financial institutions are increasingly searching for qualified employees who can contribute their knowledge in the fields of controlling, corporate finance, and asset management. The goal of this business concentration is therefore to familiarize you with the methods, tools, and instruments of the financial world of the 21st century und and to optimally prepare you for tasks and managerial functions in the financial field.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Interactive lectures focusing on discussion and exercises
  • Practice in small groups, group workshops, and case studies
  • Guest lectures from the industry

Potential Future Business Areas

Specialist and management in controlling, financial management, internal audit with companies in all fields; occupations as auditor and audit manager with accounting firms, consultant and project lead with management consulting firms or as a specialist with tax counsellors; after a few years of work experience, you may take the exam as tax adviser and/or chartered accountant.

Luxury Management


Successful managing and marketing of products and services in the luxury segment requires a proper understanding of the corresponding markets in general, the customers, and the challenges that the luxury industry is facing. Historical and sociological issues provide access to the topic of luxury just as well as observations from the fields of philosophy, economy, ecology, and psychology.

Having completed the courses in the concentration Luxury Management, you will have a thorough understanding of the most relevant strategic (marketing) challenges in the luxury industry. Furthermore, you will have generated experiences how to address the challenges and how to manage and market luxury brands as well as to build a network to companies/managers within the industry.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Seminar-type lectures, case studies and presentations
  • Guest lecturers from the industry
  • On-site company visits

Potential Future Business Areas

All divisions in a company dealing with the development and marketing of luxury goods and premium products.

Global Family Business and Wealth Management


International Family Firms is training the next generation of entrepreneurs for national and international multi-generational family businesses. Through this concentration, MBS wants to support all those who want to assume responsibility in corporate succession now. Family businesses often face complex challenges between the conflicting priorities of family and business, technological progress, and international competition. The International Family Firms concentration provides soon-to-be entrepreneurs with the necessary tools in order to lead their family business into a successful future.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Interactive lectures and group discussions
  • Case studies and workshops
  • Guest lecturers from the industry

Potential Future Business Areas

Management positions in family firms, company succession, development of family wealth.

Corporate Strategy & Innovation


In interactive lectures, you will gain insights into the key concepts of innovation and change management within companies. You will build methodical knowledge and soft skills and acquire the tools and instruments for planning and influencing innovation processes.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Interactive lectures and group discussions
  • Case studies and workshops
  • Guest lecturers from the industry

Potential Future Business Areas

  • Strategic planner in research & development; interface/project manager at marketing and R&D departments; product manager; innovation and/or change manager.

International Entrepreneurship


The business concentration International Entrepreneurship prepares you for the complete array of topics regarding the formation of a new company and bringing an innovation to market. The scope extends from finding an initial idea and the development of the business model through looking for investors and pitching the concept to founding and building a new company.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Seminar-type lectures and group work
  • Hands-on prototyping workshops and case study workshops for testing market work
  • Supervisory coaching of the founding teams
  • Presentations

Potential Future Business Areas

Management positions in a start-up company; company owner; self-employment.

Digital Business Management


Over the last years, digital business models have affected the economy and competition in a major way. Companies that yesterday did not even exist are dominating the international markets today already. Meanwhile, established companies that have been relying on traditional economical activities will have to keep up with this trend and digitize their processes.

The business concentration Digital Business Management perfectly prepares you to the requirements of the digital business economy. During the course, experienced experts from science as well as from corporate practice impart fundamental knowledge on digital business models and the backgrounds of highly topical key technologies. In addition, you learn how to actively organize digital change management processes in companies. In doing so, you acquire suitable strategies, tools and soft skills to succeed in the international digital economy – as executive or business founder.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Potential Future Business Areas

Management positions in the digital economy; change management for digital transformation; business foundation in the digital economy; consultancy for digital business/digital business transformation; process management in IT projects.

Business Projects

In the Business Project, which lasts two semesters, you work with other students on specific projects on behalf of a company. These live cases are as varied as the companies that provide them: A start-up needs a market entry strategy for a new target country, the hidden champion from the Bavarian region needs ideas for a brand awareness campaign. Within the framework of this project, you will apply and deepen your acquired business knowledge in a small group. All groups receive coaching from an MBS professor throughout the entire project duration. It is not uncommon for business projects to result in concrete and directly on-site, first job opportunities for the respective student groups, because the region around Munich is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany – just one of the many advantages of studying business administration in Munich.

Selection of partner companies for business projects

Master Study Program in Numbers

Business Concentrations

Students per group

International Partner Universities

Student to Faculty Ratio

Business Hotspot Munich

Age range

57 %
International Students

What our students and alumni say about us

Johanna von Eben-Worlée
Johanna von Eben-Worlée

The intercultural experiences, the practical relevance and the networking convinced me of the masster's program at MBS.

The study contents and the people accompany and support me to this day, both in my professional career and in my private life. Especially the offer of partner universities for a semester abroad or a dual degree is great - for example, I was able to gain very valuable and exciting experience in Shanghai at one of the best universities in China.

Bernhard Franz
Bernhard Franz

My MA IB studies at MBS have developed me in various ways. I have grown in business expertise as well as practical knowledge.

Due to the purpose-driven approach of creating customer value taught at MBS, my studies have fundamentally changed my approach towards doing business and creating meaning in my professional career.

Kirti Mudgil
Kirti Mudgil

MBS has been the "home away from home” for me. It not only provides an open environment where you can learn and exchange ideas with people from different cultures, but also the start of a great business career.

Starting from the orientation day till my graduation and until beyond, the support from professors and staff has been commendable. The many events and career programs were also a highlight of my studies. I am glad and proud to be part of the MBS family.

Julia Lemberskiy
Julia Lemberskiy

The numerous practical projects, the world-class lecturers, the knowledge I gained in my master’s at MBS and my time at Stanford University allowed me to catapult my entrepreneurial career.

After graduation, I was hired first at Rocket Internet and later at Uber, where I launched and scaled new businesses around the world. Today I am as the founder and Managing Director of a successful consulting agency that helps hyper-growth start-ups scale their operations and growth channels.

Ryan Stodden
Ryan Stodden

The intercultural environment at MBS is something that is truly unlike any other.

You have the opportunity to not only meet and network with students and faculty from all over the globe, but also the opportunity to collaborate on projects and create solutions together.

Anastacia Nosikova
Anastacia Nosikova

A lot of professors and lecturers at MBS work in well-known companies, have their own businesses, or command large professional experience.

They can share their knowledge and insights from the business perspective, what provides a much more precise and practical look at the theory. Furthermore, MBS has got a big range of company connections that allow the students to get insights into companies where they would like to do their internships or apply for a job.

Ana Mestrovic
Ana Mestrovic

For my Master I was looking for a city that offered excellent job opportunities and after some research I realized that Munich and MBS were the perfect choice.

During the studies I met many people who later became friends for a lifetime. For me personally, my time at MBS was an amazing experience.

Iuliia Tretiak
Iuliia Tretiak

I chose MBS because it offered a big variety of subjects and a Dual Degree option.

I could continue with my education there, get international experience and a good network. MBS has a special community spirit, which you can feel even while going through the application process.


Core Modules

In the Core Modules of the Master Programs you will acquire general business management knowledge. In courses on international management, business communication, responsible leadership and your freely chosen international focus, you will gain an understanding of economic interrelationships in a multicultural and globalized world and learn to consider and correctly interpret social and cultural aspects in your future business decisions. The promotion of a critical approach to various topics is just as important as learning practical methods and models. 

In order to be able to act entrepreneurially with foresight, the Core Modules have an interdisciplinary structure. You will work on joint projects with students from the other Master's programs and exchange ideas and experiences, thereby broadening your range of experience and your toolbox with approaches and perspectives in the fields of Sports Business, International Business or Innovation and Entrepreneurship, for example.


By completing the Electives, your personal elective courses, you round off your profile and set further individual accents. You can choose from a varied pool of events and, for example, take courses on International Business Law, Communication Management or "Success Factor Happiness" or work on an individual research project.

Course of Studies Master International Business

Semester 1


Concentration Modules (3 ECTS each)

The concentration modules allow students to dive deep into specific fields of international business. In the first semester, students enroll in 2 out of 5 additional courses.

International Entrepreneurship: Identifying and Generating a Business Idea

  • Develop a business idea using different decision-making approaches and begin to prototype the idea.
  • Study different types of entrepreneurship, creativity techniques, and entrepreneurial decision-making approaches.

Corporate Strategy & Innovation: Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Change

  • Learn how build smart solutions at the interface of management and technology
  • Recognize the potential of innovations and technological trends within organizations and implement them in new business processes.

International Family Firms: Understanding and Managing Family Businesses

  • Develop an understanding of key concepts and key tools for balancing family and business aspects over time.
  • Work on a case study analyzing a real-life family to apply the concepts studied and design an approach for implementation.

Luxury Management: Luxury Markets and Strategies

  • Develop an understanding of luxury codes, key players, markets and consumers, plus the most relevant strategic decisions in the luxury industry.
  • Learn how to address challenges as well as manage and market luxury brands.

Digital Business Management: Digital Business Models

  • Analyze digital business models and ecosystems and develop a digital business model, smart product or smart service innovation.
  • Develop competence in core areas like digital strategy, digital technology application and digital business model definition.
International Financial Management (3 ECTS)
  • Learn the basics of financial derivatives on interest rates and how to assess their effectiveness and values.
  • Gain insights to core issues of international financial business management with a focus on hedging interest rate risks.
International Service Marketing (3 ECTS)
  • Learn how to design, implement and monitor the relevant marketing and management strategies in a service context.
  • Participate in a digitalization workshop and apply the concepts learned in class to program a website for a service marketing concept.
Business Project (3 ECTS)
  • Learn how to apply project management tools and methods on a real-life business problem.
  • Plan, organize, conduct and control a project for a business partner and gain insights into the company.
  • Assess the quality and reliability of existing data / research findings based on their source, data collection method and analysis / interpretation of the findings.


International Business and Management (6 ECTS)


International Strategic Management

Organizational Behavior

Conscious Business


  • Learn about the drivers of globalization, related strategic models, and how to apply them in business operations.
  • Study the relationships between individual, organization, and society and reasons for behaviors in organizations.
  • Develop an understanding for alternative business practices compared to traditional profit orientation as the core goal of a business based on the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism as well as best practices in the field of Conscious Business.
International Focus (3 ECTS)

Choose 1 out of 3

  • Business in Germany
  • Business in Latin America
  • Business in China

Gain insights into business practices and current business topics in the chosen region based on an understanding of the social background as well as the economic and political system in the respective region.

Languages (Optional) (3 ECTS)

Choose 1 out of 3:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • German

Depending on the level, learn the appropriate grammar and vocabulary skills to advance to the next level of language proficiency.


Communication in International Business (6 ECTS)


Business Communication

Business Ethics

Negotiation Skills


  • Identify and master the challenges of business communication particularly in an international and intercultural context.
  • Study and discuss topical and controversial business ethics issues as well as the philosophical origins of ethics.
  • Learn how to use effective communication skills as well as manage the human behavior dynamics in the negotiation process.
MBS Engagement

Feel a stronger sense of belonging to the MBS community by actively engaging in a variety of extracurricular offerings.

Semester 2


Concentration Modules (6 ECTS each)

The concentrations allow students to dive deep into specific areas of international business. In the second semester, students choose 2 out of 7 courses:

International Finance: Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management

  • Distinguish between different valuation concepts and learn to apply specific valuation approaches.
  • Learn how to create a portfolio that meets the given investment goals as well as how to perform a “risk and return” analysis.

International Marketing: Integrated Corporate Communication and Relationship Marketing

  • Evaluate and design all elements of integrated corporate communication campaigns and adapt them according to different communication settings.
  • Develop an understanding of relationship marketing concepts and frameworks as well as how to apply them to real-life examples.

International Entrepreneurship: Establishing a Startup and Testing the Business Idea

  • Learn how to evaluate, write and pitch a business plan for creating a new venture.
  • Develop skills to set up a new venture, assess growth determinants, detect and solve managerial challenges, and evaluate and prepare exit strategies and steps for dealing with failure.

Corporate Strategy & Innovation: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Global Alliances and Investments in Growth

  • Develop an understanding of corporate entrepreneurship and the implications on innovation management in big companies.
  • Learn the foundation on how to build global alliances in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

International Family Firms: Building, Protecting and Investing Family Wealth

  • Develop an understanding of the dynamics between ownership-family-firm and the importance of balancing the system.
  • Apply the key concepts for the execution of ownership, investment and core activities in the heart of the system to a case study.

Luxury Management: Luxury Marketing and Luxury Brand Management

  • Study the communication, distribution and innovation within the luxury industry and how to apply the learnings.
  • Recognize the trends shaping the future of luxury and their implication for the industry.

Digital Business Management: Digital Business Transformation

  • Develop competence in core areas like digital transformation for startups and incumbents, digital technology application and digital business model definition.
  • Study digital business management tools and key management skills for the success of a digital transformation.
Business Project (3 ECTS)
  • Learn how to apply project management tools and methods on a real-life business problem.
  • Plan, organize, conduct and control a project for a business partner and gain insights into the company.
  • Assess the quality and reliability of existing data / research findings based on their source, data collection method and analysis / interpretation of the findings.
Electives (6 ECTS)

Choose 2 out of 8:

  • Independent Research Project:
    Learn how to and develop a scientific paper, publication, working paper (or similar) on a self-chosen research topic in consultation with a faculty mentor.
  • Success Factor Happiness:
    Personally experience the concepts of happiness, mindfulness, higher purpose, compassion, and gratitude through specific exercises and learn from best practices how to apply them in a work environment to increase (among others) subjective well-being, health, productivity, and satisfaction and decrease stress.
  • Management Consulting:
    Analyze the characteristics of the consulting market, evaluate the critical success factors in consulting and develop the ability to structure and analyze business problems in a highly professional way.
  • Consolidated Financial Statements:
    Develop an understanding of consolidated financial statements, how to prepare them and what challenges may arise in their preparation.
  • Communication Management:
    Learn how organizations can communicate with consumers and acquire tools to facilitate communication within a company.
  • Applied Game Theory:
    Learn how to translate economic problems into game theory and evaluate important solution concepts of game theory.
  • Process and Logistics Management:
    Understand and recognize the importance of strategic operations and logistics managements as well as learn how to use relevant practical tools.
  • International Economic Relations:
    Develop an understanding of why countries trade with each other and an ability to reflect on both advantages and problematic developments of international trade.



International Focus (3 ECTS)

Choose 1 out of 5:

  • Business in Europe
  • Business in Latin America
  • Business in China
  • Business in USA and Canada
  • Business in Emerging Economies (India, Africa)

Use case studies, business simulations, in-depth reports as well as expert knowledge to understand the complexities of the business environment in the chosen region from a cultural, economic, social, political, and legal perspective.

Languages (Optional) (3 ECTS)

Choose 1 out of 3:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • German

Depending on the level, learn the appropriate grammar and vocabulary skills to advance to the next level of language proficiency.


Responsible Leadership in a Global Context (5 ECTS)


Responsible Leadership

Business & Society

Master Thesis Preparation


  • Learn how to lead and manage people in business in a responsible way, including how to motivate and support people depending on the given circumstances, personality, and culture.
  • Get familiar with the origin and development of different cultural core beliefs, value systems and how they define business practices from a top management perspective.
  • Learn how to collect, evaluate, assess and present the state of the art in the academic discipline regarding a specific research question.
MBS Engagement (1 ECTS)

Feel a stronger sense of belonging to the MBS community by actively engaging in a variety of extracurricular offerings.

Semester 3

Semester Abroad (15 ECTS)

Students in the Master International Business gain comprehensive international experience by studying one semester at one of the numerous international partner universities of MBS. Alternatively, students can spend two semesters at selected universities and complete their studies with a dual degree

Master Thesis (15 ECTS)

Last but not least: writing you Master Thesis


Studying at Munich Business School is an international experience, because internationality is not only taught but also lived. This is why studying abroad is an integral part of our programs. MBS maintains partnerships with over 60 universities worldwide and is continuously expanding its international network. The cooperations range from classic programs such as ERASMUS+ and exchange programs to over 20 dual-degree agreements with partners in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA.
International Focus
International Focus

Although global economic principles can in general be applied everywhere, international markets are strongly influenced by political, cultural and historical characteristics.

By choosing one international focus per semester, you explicitly dedicate your Master International Business to the study of different markets and methods as well as special economic areas whose development influences the global economy.

Semester Abroad
Semester Abroad

You will spend the third semester abroad at one of our numerous international partner universities.

Students of the Master International Business gain comprehensive international experience by spending a semester at one of MBS' numerous international partner universities. Alternatively, students can spend two semesters at selected universities and complete their studies with a dual degree.

International Atmosphere
International Atmosphere

Around half of MBS students come from abroad, which gives our lectures and seminars a certain international flair.

Engaging and exchanging ideas with international students will give you a detailed understanding of different cultures and offer you the opportunity to explore approaches and mindsets from other cultures – an experience that will expand your own horizons. Joint activities outside the classroom will help you develop a wide network of international contacts and friendships.

Dual Degree

With the dual degree option, you acquire an additional, specialized Master's degree from one of our partner universities.Munich Business School's cooperation with renowned international universities gives you the opportunity to acquire two different master's degrees within two years. For a dual degree, you will normally spend two semesters at MBS and then two semesters at the partner university, followed by the Master's thesis.

Mentoring Program

You have the opportunity to apply for our exclusive mentoring program. Within the framework of this program, a professionally experienced person from the circle of MBS alumni will support you with words and deeds during the hot phase of your studies, help you to achieve your career goals and provide you with valuable contacts through their network.

At the beginning of your studies, you will receive more information about our mentoring program and can apply for one of the limited places until the end of September. In October, the mentoring committee makes its decision and in November, the selected mentees meet their mentors. The mentoring meetings will take place between November 2021 and August 2022.


In order to qualify for the Master International Business study program, you must fulfill academic, linguistic, and to some extent professional requirements.

You may submit your application documents at any time. Since the places are limited, we advise you to apply for your desired study start as early as possible.


Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

The main requirement for admission to the Master International Business study program is a successful Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS or more). Applicants with a degree in Business Studies/Management/Economics are entitled to apply for the program directly, applicants without a degree in economics can qualify for the program by completing the Pre Master Program. Upon request, we will gladly verify your documents in advance. Please contact your Program Advisor.

Language Requirements

English Proficiency

Applicants must proof their English language skills by passing one of the following language tests:

  • TOEFL iBT & Home Edition: min. 85 (min. of 22 in writing band, min. of 20 in all other bands; MBS TOEFL Institution Code: 5772)
  • IELTS & IELTS Online: min. level of 6.5– Academic Module
  • ELS English for Academic Purposes: Advanced Level 112
  • Duolingo English Test: Overall Score 115 or higher
  • Pearson PTE Academic: Overall Score 56 or higher
  • Cambridge: B2 First (formerly known as Cambridge English: First (FCE)) or higher

Test results can only be accepted if achieved within the last two years. If you are unable to obtain your test results before handing in your MBS application, please inform us about your planned test date.

The English proficiency test can be waived by the following candidates:

  • Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e., High School Diploma, IB)
  • Applicants having completed their first academic degree in English

Application Deadline

Application deadlines in detail

We accept applications all year round. However, we recommend that you apply as early as possible, as the number of places is limited.

Winter semester

  • Application deadline for Europeans (no visa): July 15
  • Application deadline for non-Europeans (visa required): April 15

Applicants from Vietnam, China and India should allow an extra month to apply for the relevant visas.

Application Process

Step 1: Written Application

When submitting your online application, please provide the following mandatory documents:

  • Answering questions of motivation (various questions are available for selection during the online application process)
  • Résumé/CV
  • Copies of your graduation certificates* and/or current university transcripts*

You may also upload the following additional documents:

  • recent photo of yourself (professional, in color with bright background)
  • Copy of the school leaving certificate (e.g., Highschool Diploma, IB, Abitur)*
  • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or ELS)
  • Reference letters (if available)
  • Scholarship application (statement of 1-2 pages)

*Please provide the original documents or certified copies when you gain admission and matriculate to the program.

Online Application Master International Business

Alternatively, you can also submit your written application.

Download Application Form

Step 2: Admission

Qualified applicants will be invited for a personal interview on site in Munich or online via Microsoft Teams (approx. 30 - 45 minutes). The interview may include the processing of a case study.

As soon as you are an admitted student, you have the opportunity to get to know MBS even better – before making your final decision whether to join Munich Business School.

Our study advisors will of course be available for all kinds of potential questions and personal consultations.

Step 3: Study Contract

Once you have successfully completed the application process, Munich Business School will provide you with an acceptance letter as well as two copies of your study contract. Please sign one copy and return it within two weeks to secure your spot in the program. The other copy needs to be kept for your own records.

The acceptance to the study program requires an enrollment fee of 690 Euro (EU/EFTA) respectively 1,490 Euro (non-EU) and a deposit of 1,000 Euro due upon signing the study contract. The deposit will be deducted from your first tuition fee installment.

Step 4: Student Visa

If you are a non-EU national, you are required to apply for a student visa in order start your studies in Germany. To obtain a visa invitation letter from Munich Business School, which is necessary to apply for the visa, please add a copy of your passport details page when handing in your signed study contract.

More about Student Visa


Munich Business School offers attractive scholarships. These are 20 - 40% for the 1st and 2nd Master semester. Students who show particular commitment can continue to receive support after the second semester.

The application for one of the scholarships is made together with the application for a study place. Further information can be found under "Scholarships and financing".


The tuition fee is payable in three semester installments à 8,000 Euro or 18 monthly installments. The first rate is due upon the beginning of your studies and can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.
Books, travel costs and accommodation are not included in the overall tuition fee.

The non-refundable processing fee is due upon application, the one-time enrollment fee is due upon signing of the study contract. Both is be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

Additional costs can incur for the semester abroad, depending on the partner university of your choice and depending on your choice to complete a dual degree.

Munich Business School offers attractive scholarships and 100 % funding opportunities with our partner Brain Capital. Detailed information can be found here.



Tuition Fees Master Programs

Fee per Month
1,333 Euro
Fee per Term
8,000 Euro
Overall Tuition Fee
24,000 Euro


Submit your completed application by January 31, 2023 and lock in the current tuition fees. As of February 1, 2023, there will be a price adjustment of 900 euros to 24,900 euros for the master's programs due to energy costs.

Other Fees

Application Processing Fee
60 Euro
One-time Enrollment Fee (EU/EFTA)
690 Euro
One-time Enrollment Fee for international students
1,490 Euro

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Master International Business Alumni

What do our Master International Business Alumni actually do after their studies at MBS? To answer this question, MBS regularly conducts the MBS Alumni Survey. Our graduates:
have found a job within 3 months after graduation 69% started a career abroad 35% started a career in Germany 65%
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