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Impact at MBS

Impact at Munich Business School

We have embarked on a journey towards impact, here at Munich Business School, wanting to develop our own, unique impact model - much like our mission and our values are unique to us. Following the Theory of Change process, we have made room for a bottom-up approach, talking to and listening to our community about what they think is important. And we have collaborated together, among staff, faculty and so many more, to jointly discuss and develop a framework that suits us, that is reflective of our values and that allows us to systematically create impact over the following years.

MBS Impact Model

Munich Business School is an impact-driven business school, where societal, environmental and economic challenges inform our educational approach. We educate the leaders of tomorrow and it is our goal to inspire and foster responsibility in all our learners – from students to staff to partners. We call ourselves the first Quintuple Bottom School, building on the Triple Bottom Line model which we have extended and formed into our own impact model.


Focuses on fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community, ensuring equitable access to education and promoting the wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff.


Emphasizes environmental sustainability, minimizing negative impact on natural ecosystems and promoting ecological health.


Relates to enthusiasm and commitment, inspiring stakeholders to engage deeply with the school's goals and values.


Centers on having a meaningful mission or vision that guides the school's actions and decisions beyond profit.


Pertains to economic success, including profitability and long-term financial viability for all stakeholders.

Research and Education

As a higher education institution, we bring our mission to life by integrating all our impact-driven endeavors into our very fabric – research and teaching.

Why do we need to focus on impact as a business school?

The big societal problems such as the climate crisis, social inequality or global health cannot be overcome alone. Business is increasingly expected to take the lead in finding solutions to these challenges. Consequently, business schools, which educate the leaders of tomorrow, also carry a major responsibility.

At Munich Business School, we take this responsibility for society seriously. We are convinced that impact has become a relevant measurement for management education legitimacy and therefore ensure that our degree programs go beyond traditional business education. We sharpen our students' conscious awareness of the world around us, teach them more inclusive strategies, and inspire them to choose work opportunities with a societal impact.

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MBS Impact Report 2022

In Munich Business School's second Impact Report for 2022, we affirm our commitment and document further progress. This report presents the development of our own impact model and highlights our efforts to establish MBS as a hub for innovative solutions.

Additional materials on our model development process

Voices on Impact

Prof. Dr. Stefan Baldi, Dean of Munich Business School
Prof. Dr. Stefan Baldi, Dean of Munich Business School

I see business schools and the management education that they deliver as one of the custodians of society.

We need to embrace that responsibility and I am thrilled that MBS has committed to driving impact beyond salaries. I am excited to share our own impact model, how we developed it and how we plan on filling it with life with the world!

Dr. Christine Menges, Chancellor of Munich Business School
Dr. Christine Menges, Chancellor of Munich Business School

As a small business school, we are looking for our place in the educational landscape.

And it is becoming clearer to me with every step we take with our impact activities that Munich Business School is already and needs to be even more impact-driven.

Dr. Alfred Gossner, President of Munich Business School
Dr. Alfred Gossner, President of Munich Business School

As a scientist, now more than ever before, I see the fundamental responsibility we carry in working on societal issues and supporting institutional decision-making with rigorous and relevant scientific insights.

Prof. Dr. Sophie Hieke, Impact Officer
Prof. Dr. Sophie Hieke, Impact Officer

It has been one of the most rewarding activities to take on this challenge of documenting impact at MBS but also setting up a plan for developing our very own, unique impact model in the future.

Some Numbers On ...

  • More than 80+ nationalities, cultures and ethnicities are represented in the student body, MBS is one of the most diverse business schools in Germany.
  • Over 150 students have participated in Women in Leadership events at MBS, including our Female Business Breakfast and Her Career Talk – as well as the newly founded Female Leadership Lounge
  • Professor Chris Weilage has been formally elected as Diversity and Inclusion Officer at MBS, overseeing the strategic implementation of a diverse and inclusive environment
  • 50+ Bags of trash collected during World Clean Up Day
  • 160+ Participants at Brezn & Business with Orange Ocean and Panerai
  • 3,013 Trees planted, so far, as part of MBS' collaboration with Ecosia search engine
  • 6 Articles, books and conference submissions published by MBS faculty on purpose-related topics so far
  • 2 Courses held specifically on the topic of purpose in life ("Happiness" elective, MA) and in business ("Conscious Business" module, MA)
  • 280+ Students have so far participated in purpose-related teaching at Munich Business School
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MBS Impact Report 2021

With our impact report 2021, we have publicly acknowledged our commitment to impact for the first time and pledged to issue yearly reports on our progress, from now on.

As a proud member of the United Nations supported PRME initiative, we also document our contribution to responsible management education in biennial reports.

Want to become part of our impact initiative at MBS?

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Learn more about our commitment Download Impact Report 2022 Now! [PDF]