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Master's in Business

Munich Business School (MBS) is among the finest private business universities in Germany, holding state recognition along with institutional accreditation from the German Council of Science and Humanities. Enrolling on a master’s program at MBS has numerous benefits, including: 

  • A wide range of master’s programs in business and management
  • Master’s programs taught in English by lecturers with first-hand business experience
  • A semester abroad at one of over 60 exclusive partner universities worldwide
  • An international campus with students from around the world also studying for a master’s degree in Munich
  • Our preparatory Pre-Master Program for lateral entrants without a bachelor’s-level degree in business

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A master’s degree in business from Munich Business School is the ideal way to lay the foundations for an international career. It incorporates innovative teaching at the interface of cutting-edge research and applied practice, networking with companies, and always keeps the latest national and international business challenges. A master’s degree in business from MBS opens up wide-ranging job opportunities after graduation, making you a sought-after specialist and an in-demand leader.

Master’s Programs in Business – for the Leaders of Tomorrow

By choosing a master’s program in business at Munich Business School, you will expand your economic knowledge and develop specialisms you determine by choosing suitable electives – helping you to become an expert in a specific field of business. All of our master’s programs in business are closely linked with business practice. In a series of projects with businesses and your fellow students, you will gain the skills you need to work with a solution-focused approach in the world of business – especially at the international level. If you’re interested in other cultures and see yourself working at an international company in future, a master’s degree in business at MBS represents an ideal step in your professional development. In addition to covering business topics, the program curricula also include modules to consolidate your foreign-language skills. This solid grounding in specialist topics will help you to kick-start a global career!  

Set the Right Course in a Globalized World – with a Master’s in Business

Globalization is no longer a foreign concept; instead, it has become an everyday reality. Companies around the world are now connected by close ties, while the ability to open up new markets has created a global market. This requires competent managers who are not only aware of the economic, cultural and legal specificities of other countries but are also capable of acting accordingly. The master’s programs in business at MBS train students to become problem solvers who know precisely where and when to intervene on a wide range of economic issues. With a master’s degree in business, you will be ideally positioned not only to understand economic interrelationships in a multicultural and globalized world but also to accurately interpret and incorporate social and cultural aspects into your future business decisions.

Our English-language Business Master’s Programs in Munich

At Munich Business School, you have a choice of four business master’s programs. All master’s courses are taught 100% in English. Here’s an overview of our master’s-level business programs: 

Master Sports Business and Communication

You love sports and would like to use this enthusiasm for professional purposes? The MBS program Master Sports Business and Communication combines Sports Management and Sports Marketing in a unique way.

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Master International Marketing and Brand Management

Digitalization opens up a wide range of fields of activity for marketing managers. The Master International Marketing and Brand Management equips you with the most important skills and tools for this.

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Our Pre-Master Program – to Prepare for your Master’s in Business

Don’t have a bachelor’s degree in business but considering switching track to a master’s in business? With our Pre-Master Program, that’s no problem at all! In just three months, you’ll learn the key fundamentals of management, finance and marketing – leaving nothing to stand in the way of studying a master’s program in business.


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