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As your chosen Business School in Germany, we provide educational agents with important information and support throughout the recruitment process. We have a wide range of programs to choose from, and our partnership options are tailored to your needs. Our commission scheme is highly competitive, and we're committed to providing the best possible service. Contact us today to find out more.

Key Benefits of Recruiting for MBS


All our programs are taught in English. Applicants can proof their English language skills by passing one of the following language tests: TOEFL, IELTS or ELS.


Munich Business School was the first private university in Bavaria to receive state recognition in 1999. In 2010, the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts granted unlimited state recognition. All study programs offered at MBS are FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) accredited.


The graduates of Munich Business School are highly valued young professionals on the job market. This is confirmed by the WirtschaftsWoche University Ranking 2022, in which Munich Business School remains number one among private universities of applied sciences in the field of business administration for the third year in a row.



MBS is one of the top schools in Germany in the field of business and management. Are you certified by ICEF, NAFSA, AIRC and have experience in cooperating with German Universities? Then we are very happy to partner with you.

Munich Business School is proud to welcome students from around the world, representing nearly 100 countries. We are happy to collaborate with the authorized educational agencies all over the world.
If you have experience in cooperating with Munich Business School and are interested in becoming an official agent partner, please reach out to our International Recruitment Manager.


M. Faruk Demir, M. A.

International Recruitment Manager
Tel.: +49 89 547678–240
Whats App: +49 152 593 597 22


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Commission Scheme and Sample Contract

Please contact us and we will send you our commission scheme and a sample contract.

MBS Programs at a glance

With the following listing we show the most important framework data of our study programs.

Early Bird Discounts

  Bachelor Master MBA
Spring + Fall 2024 (4,000 € discount)     October 15, 2023
Fall 2024 (2,000 € discount)   December 15, 2023  
Spring + Fall 2024 (1,000 € discount) December 15, 2023    

Program Start

  Bachelor Master MBA
Spring February 1 February 1 (Master International Business only) March 1
Fall September 1 September 1 September 1

Tuition Fees

  Bachelor Master MBA
Tuition Fee per Semester 5,700 € 8,300 € 16,000 €
Tuition Fee in Total 39,900 € 24,900 € 32,000 €


Program Bachelor Master MBA
Amount 10 – 50 % in the bachelor's program 20 – 40 % in the master's programs Up to EUR 4.000 on the overall tuition fee
Duration 1st + 2nd Semester 1st + 2nd Semester Entire program

Why Study at MBS?

Practical Relevance as a Basic Principle

The innovative program concept of Munich Business School aims at the high demands internationally operating businesses place on their junior staff members. The basic principle of the study programs are the deliberate orientation in international operations and work content within companies, which is created through the tight integration of practical studies and domestic and international practical involvement phases. This allows students to actually implement the skills in practice, therefore achieving additional learning success. The location in Munich and the university's close ties to the industry provide the ideal conditions.

Lecturers from the Industry

A large part of the lecturers teaching at Munich Business School are managers or entrepreneurs in the industry themselves. This allows them to vividly illustrate the course material using actual, current examples. They communicate the modern management theories and current business science debates from the viewpoint of business practice.

Topics from the "Real Business World"

The good contacts to the industry allow Munich Business School to implement a basic principle essential to the practical relevance of studies: theses are typically actual tasks from companies most often also dealt with during an internship at the respective company. The companies, whose representatives are involved in supporting and evaluating the theses, as well as the MBS students benefit from this tie.

Projects from Business Practice

Actual tasks from businesses impact everyday studies at MBS even beyond theses. Developing business plans, management games as well as tangible projects are among the influencing elements of studies at Munich Business School. A student team typically works on solving an actual problem over a period of one to two semesters. Supervised by experienced lecturers, the students train their entrepreneurial thinking and acquire people and organisational skills indispensable in daily work life.

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Studienberater MBS:  M. Faruk Demir, M. A.
International Recruitment Manager M. Faruk Demir, M. A. +49 89 547678–240 +49 152 593 597 22
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