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International at MBS

Why international exchange is important

International exchange is an important aspect of studying for many people. It offers the opportunity to experience new cultures and network with other students from around the world. It makes studying not only more intellectual, but also personal and lively. In a globalized world, it is more essential than ever to gain international experience. Intercultural skills are of utmost importance for tomorrow's specialists and managers. That's why a semester abroad is an integral part of studying at Munich Business School. With partnerships to more than 60 universities worldwide, many opportunities open up to get to know another culture and make friends for life. Through the exchange we learn to get to know ourselves better and to understand our location in the world.

How do I find the right place for my interactions exchange?

There are many options for where you can spend your semester abroad. Of course, the right place for your semester abroad depends on your interests and preferences. When making your decision, the International Center will advise and inform you in detail, so that you really find the perfect destination for you in the end.

Outgoing Exchange

The International Center helps MBS students to plan their study abroad.

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