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Student Initiatives
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Selected Student Associations at MBS

Even outside the lecture halls, MBS students engage in a variety of initiatives. They support charitable causes, organize extracurricular events, help each other build new skills, or strengthen intercultural interaction at the university.
MBS Entrepreneurship Club
MBS Entrepreneurship Club

The MBS Entrepreneurship Club was established during the winter semester of 2021.

The purpose of the club is to attract MBS students from all programs who are interested in learning about start-ups and emerging businesses.

The mission of the club is to stimulate the entrepreneurial learning of the MBS students through activities, events, and projects. The goal is to help them develop their innovative, creative, and managerial abilities in order to start their own company or be part of the start-up ecosystem.

The vision of the MBS Entrepreneurship Club is to encourage MBS students to use their entrepreneurial skills to solve complex problems in the real world.

MBS get2gether Club
MBS get2gether Club

The purpose of the MBS get2gether club is to network and meet with people within the MBS community sharing the same interest in all kinds of activities besides the studies. In particular, it aims to connect students from different semesters who might otherwise miss on each other.

The benefits of the club are to bring students together, provide events and activities, and to point out locations and opportunities some students might not even know they exist. Ideally, the club manages to opening minds and enlarging horizons.

The MBS get2together student club overcomes cultural borders and brings students together in a peaceful and respectful environment to learn from each other.

MBS International Club
MBS International Club

The MBS International Club stands for what Munich Business School is: international, intercultural and globally-minded. The student initiative wants to reach all students who come to Munich from abroad or from another German city for their studies. The goal is to support all students in connecting and settling in well at MBS.

The student initiative regularly organizes events and activities that showcase the cultural diversity of the university. Students from all over the world get in touch with each other and expand their intercultural competencies as well as their horizons.

When designing events, the MBS International Club is happy to take the students' wishes to heart so that the time at MBS is as attractive as possible for everyone.

You would like to stay up to date and receive all information? Then join the MBS International Club WhatsApp group!

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