International Marketing and Brand Management

Master International Marketing and Brand Management (M.A.)

Digitalization has opened a variety of fields of activity for brand and marketing managers. The program Master International Marketing and Brand Management will communicate solidifying knowledge in the areas of international marketing, brand management and customer insights and equip you with the most important capabilities and tools for successfully implementing your innovative marketing strategies in practice.

Key Facts
Master International Marketing and Brand Management

Start of Program
Duration Single Degree
18 months
Duration Dual Degree
24 months
Tuition Fee
24,000 Euro
10% to 50% reduction on semester 1 and 2
Final Degree
Master of Arts (M.A.)


Guillermo Tamborrel (Master IMBM)
Guillermo Tamborrel (Master IMBM)

The lecturers not only teach their expertise but also share their personal experiences and how it's placed into action on a business daily basis.

Professors go even further, they become more of coaches and mentors. The program represents a unique opportunity in many senses, not only balances yet exceeds all diverse expectations on a master program. The learnings, its cross cultural environment, the friendships and network are elements I will forever treasure.

Yan Sun (Master IMBM)
Yan Sun (Master IMBM)

Professors and lecturers at MBS have rich working experience in renowned companies, strong academic background, and excellent teaching styles.


In class, they are happy to share their career experiences and insights with students, and give students opportunities for interaction and communication. Besides, they invite many professionals to offer guest lectures to let students expand their knowledge.

Ellen Winter-Kichhoff (Master IMBM)
Ellen Winter-Kichhoff (Master IMBM)

One of the best things about International Marketing and Brand Management, amongst other things, was the guest lecturers from German and international companies.

We had access to high ranking employees of these companies, for example from BBDO, McKinsey or Service Plan. This helped us apply our education as well as build a strong network and understand more about the German job market. 

Chaimae Benboubaddi (Master IMBM)
Chaimae Benboubaddi (Master IMBM)

MBS students receive great support from all sides: academic director, lecturers and university staff. 

And not only for their studies, but also in many other areas: Health insurance, accommodation, living standards. This is especially helpful for those who move to Munich from another country and speak a different language.

Jasmine Lichtman (Master IMBM)
Jasmine Lichtman (Master IMBM)

I found the experience gained during the business project particularly valuable.

The students got exciting and instructive insights into the economy, were able to look over the shoulder of a start-up founder during his work and developed a market entry strategy for the Benelux countries. These are contents I can really use for my professional future.

Master IMBM in Numbers

Students per group

International Partner Universities

Student to Faculty Ratio

Business Hotspot Munich

Age range

57 %
International Students

Course of Studies

Core Modules

The Core Modules on the master’s program convey knowledge and skills on general topic areas of business. Courses on international management, business communication, responsible management, and your international focus – which you are free to choose – will give you an understanding of economic interrelations in a globalized and multicultural world. You will also learn to correctly interpret social and cultural aspects and include such factors in your business decisions. The course will encourage you to engage and critically analyze a range of topics, helping you to get to grips with practical methodologies and models. 

The Core Modules take an interdisciplinary approach, which will help to expand your entrepreneurial vision. You will therefore work on joint projects with students from other master’s programs, exchanging views and ideas. Discovering approaches and viewpoints from the fields of Sports Business, International Business, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship will expose you to a wider range of experiences and equip you with new and different tools.


Electives – courses you are free to choose between – complete your academic profile, allowing you to personalize your master’s degree in International Marketing. You can choose from a diverse pool of topics, completing courses on the psychology of marketing, technology trends and the success factor happiness, or even work on an individual research project.

Module Overview Master International Marketing and Brand Management


Business Projects

One important focus in the program Master International Marketing and Brand Management are the business projects. You will be working for a company on a specific project of practical relevance. In cooperation with your fellow students you show that you can develop a marketing and branding concept for a start-up and put it into practice. Moreover, you will draft and implement a marketing and branding project for a real company. If you study marketing in Munich, you will also benefit from a strong business location. Thus in your business project, you might also get the opportunity to design a brand awareness campaign for a global market leader from the Bavarian surroundings.

"This program offers a highly relevant specialization for modern students. In interactive, practice-oriented courses, we build a comprehensive understanding of international marketing and brand management – with many top-class guest lectures, workshops, excursions and exciting projects. Our behavioral marketing approach uses the latest findings from research and business to educate our students as the marketing professionals of tomorrow."

Prof. Dr. Sophie Hieke
Academic Director Master International Marketing and Brand Management

3rd Semester:
Semester Abroad or Internship

You define your focus

Semester abroad: Students in the International Marketing and Brand Management master program have the opportunity to spend their third semester abroad at one of our numerous international partner universities. During your semester abroad, you will gather extensive international experience and expand your intercultural skills. Students can also choose to spend two semesters at selected universities and complete their studies with a dual degree.

Internship: If you have already studied or worked abroad in a non-German-speaking country, you will also have the option of completing an internship specific to your subject area at a company in Germany, Austria or the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Internships run for at least 15 weeks.


Studying at Munich Business School is an international experience, because internationality is not only taught but also lived. This is why studying abroad is an integral part of our programs. MBS maintains partnerships with over 60 universities worldwide and is continuously expanding its international network. The cooperations range from classic programs such as ERASMUS+ and exchange programs to over 20 dual-degree agreements with partners in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA.
International Focus
International Focus

Although global economic principles can in general be applied everywhere, international markets are strongly influenced by political, cultural and historical characteristics.

By choosing one international focus per semester, you explicitly dedicate your Master International Business to the study of different markets and methods as well as special economic areas whose development influences the global economy.

Semester Abroad and Dual Degree
Semester Abroad and Dual Degree

If you complete a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities, you will benefit from rich and wide-ranging experiences. 

At selected universities, you have the option to spend two semesters there and complete your studies with a dual degree – that is, your MBS degree and a second, specialized master’s degree from the partner university. You will write your master’s thesis at MBS after completing your time studying abroad.

International Atmosphere
International Atmosphere

Around half of MBS students come from abroad, which gives our lectures and seminars a certain international flair. 

Engaging and exchanging ideas with international students will give you a detailed understanding of different cultures and offer you the opportunity to explore approaches and mindsets from other cultures – an experience that will expand your own horizons. Joint activities outside the classroom will help you develop a wide network of international contacts and friendships. 


In order to qualify for the Master International Marketing and Brand Management study program, you must fulfill academic, linguistic, and to some extent professional requirements.

You may submit your application documents at any time. Since the places are limited, we advise you to apply for your desired study start as early as possible.


Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

The main requirement for admission to the Master International Marketing and Brand Management study program is a successful Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS or more). Applicants with a degree in Business Studies/Management/Economics are entitled to apply  for the program directly, applicants without a degree in economics can qualify for the program by completing the Pre Master Program. Upon request, we will gladly verify your documents in advance. Please contact your Program Advisor

Language Requirements

English Proficiency

Applicants must proof their English language skills by passing one of the following language tests:

  • TOEFL ibt: minimum 85 (min. 22 in writing and min. 20 in all other bands; MBS TOEFL Institution Code: 5772)
  • IELTS: minimum level of 6.5 – Academic Module
  • ELS English for Academic Purposes: Advanced Level 112

Test results can only be accepted if achieved within the last two years. If you are unable to obtain your test results before handing in your MBS application, please inform us about your planned test date.

The English proficiency test can be waived by the following candidates:

  • Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e., High School Diploma, IB)
  • Applicants having completed their first academic degree in English

Application Process

Step 1: Written Application

When submitting your online application, please provide the following mandatory documents:

  • Letter of Motivation (1-2 pages)
  • Résumé/CV
  • Copies of your graduation certificates* and/or current university transcripts*

You may also upload the following additional documents:

  • recent photo of yourself (professional, in color with bright background)
  • Copy of the school leaving certificate (e.g., Highschool Diploma, IB, Abitur)*
  • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or ELS)
  • Reference letters (if available)
  • When applying for a scholarship: personal statement (1 page)

*Please provide the original documents or certified copies when you gain admission and matriculate to the program.

Online Application

Alternatively, you can also submit your written application.

Download Application Form 

Step 2: Admission

Qualified applicants will be invited for a personal interview on site in Munich or online via Microsoft Teams (approx. 30 - 45 minutes). The interview may include the processing of a case study.

As soon as you are an admitted student, you have the opportunity to get to know MBS even better – before making your final decision whether to join Munich Business School.

Our study advisors will of course be available for all kinds of potential questions and personal consultations.

Step 3: Study Contract

Once you have successfully completed the application process, Munich Business School will provide you with an acceptance letter as well as two copies of your study contract. Please sign one copy and return it within two weeks to secure your spot in the program. The other copy needs to be kept for your own records.

The acceptance to the study program requires an enrollment fee of 690 Euro (EU/EFTA) respectively 1,490 Euro (non-EU) and a deposit of 1,000 Euro due upon signing the study contract. The deposit will be deducted from your first tuition fee installment.

Step 4: Student Visa

If you are a non-EU national, you are required to apply for a student visa in order start your studies in Germany. To obtain a visa invitation letter from Munich Business School, which is necessary to apply for the visa, please add a copy of your passport details page when handing in your signed study contract.

More about Student Visa


Munich Business School offers attractive scholarships. These are 10 - 50% for the 1st and 2nd Master semester. Students who show particular commitment can continue to receive support after the second semester. The program is also aimed at Pre-Master students.

The application for one of the scholarships is made together with the application for a study place. Further information can be found under "Scholarships and financing".


The tuition fee is payable in three semester installments à 8,000 Euro or 18 monthly installments. The first rate is due upon the beginning of your studies and is be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.
Books, travel costs and accommodation not included in the overall tuition fee.

The non-refundable processing fee is due upon application, the one-time enrollment fee is due upon signing of the study contract. Both is be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

Additional costs can incur for the semester abroad, depending on the partner university of your choice and depending on your choice to complete a dual degree.

Munich Business School offers attractive scholarships. Detailed information can be found here.



Tuition Fees Master Programs

Fee per Month
1,333 Euro
Fee per Term
8,000 Euro
Overall Tuition Fee
24,000 Euro

Other Fees

Application Processing Fee
60 Euro
One-time Enrollment Fee (EU/EFTA)
690 Euro
One-time Enrollment Fee for international students
1,490 Euro



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