Why Universities Are Important for Business Innovation – Keynote by MBS Professor Dr. Todd Davey

MBS University-Business Forum 2018

MBS Professor Dr. Todd Davey held a keynote on “The State of the University-Business Cooperation in Europe – main findings and recommendations from a major European study” at the University-Business Forum Sofia 2018. The Forum, which is part of the European Commission initiative to support closer and better cooperation between higher education and business in the EU, was held for the 10th time already.

They main points of the keynote are summarized as follows:

  • European universities are important for business innovation, personnel development, and recruitment
  • There are a set of (local) barriers that can prevent cooperation, such as funding, bureaucracy, and cultural differences
  • Each stakeholder (Higher Education Institution Management, Business, and Academics) has his own motivation to cooperate, but research outcomes are the intersection
  • Trusted relationships drive cooperation