Vuja de: See Through Different Eyes

February 17, 2017

Write the word “house” – or another simple word – onto a sheet of paper 30 times. Look at the words well. Let them have their effect on you. Do you notice anything? For many, […]

MBS Delegation in Iran

August 2, 2016

At the invitation of the IDAQ (Institute for German Academic Qualification), a delegation of Munich Business School is currently visiting Iran. Nathalie von Seyfried, Chancelor of MBS, and Prof. Dr. Stefan Baldi, the university’s Dean, […]

3 Years of Happiness :-)

February 1, 2016

This week the course “Success Factor Happiness” is going into its third year in the Master International Business program. MBS professor Christian Schmidkonz is joined by such distinguished co-lecturers André Daiyû Steiner and Dr. Florian […]

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