Kronjuwelen: A Small Underwear Revolution

August 18, 2015

Kronjuwelen (“family jewels”) – the four MBS alumni Peer-Boy Matthiesen, Daniel Herter, Nick Piepenburg and Berno Delius quickly found a suitable brand name for their underwear for men. What makes the Kronjuwelen boxer shorts unique? […]

The “New“ Munich Business School

August 15, 2015

Now it is finished – the new old MBS – and it shines in the splendor of the renovated office block ”M-Square“ at Elsenheimerstraße 61. Since July 2014, the renovations took place on the ground level and the complete fassade […]

Happiness Among Chinese Students

August 14, 2015

As in previous years, Sichuan University in Chengdu hosted a two-week “University Immersion Program” for its students: At one of the China’s most distinct universities, about 150 professors from all over the world lectured and […]