Social Media Recruiting

February 27, 2015

Social Media Recruiting is dead. This was the result of two recent surveys*°. All hope seems lost. Well, not quite. As is the case with any innovation, the small sprout needs to be given a […]

MBS Helps Supports HIV Positive Orphans in Ethiopia

February 22, 2015

MBS Helps e.V., the student initiative of Munich Business School, implemented yet another successful charity project: A fund-raising campaign to help HIV positive orphans in Ethiopia. During the MBS graduation gala in November 2014 at […]

Change of Perspective ‒ The New Leadership Skill

February 20, 2015

During the middle ages, hardly anyone dared to challenge the belief that the earth was flat. Now, everybody has been informed by space photography that this is not the case. From a certain distance, everything […]

Paradise at Risk! M.d.L. Markus Blume an der MBS

February 10, 2015

Big data, digitalization, geopolitical changes – these three terms stand for the rapid change the world is undergoing in the 21st century. Is it, maybe, too rapid for our society and our economy? Markus Blume, […]

The Potential of Service Learning

February 6, 2015

What is Service Learning and how can its potential be used for academic institutions? Service Learning is a learning method that builds a bridge between lecture hall or classroom and civic involvement. It could be […]

Sunny Food: The Reinvention of Fast Food

February 3, 2015

Philipp Döhmel, MBS Alumnus Bachelor International Business (2013) talks about his start-up “Sunny-Food“. On November 2014, Philipp’s smoothie and juice bar “Sunny-Food” was officially opened. How did you come up with the idea for “Sunny-Food” […]