MBA General Management Students Can Now Choose From Four Elective Courses

MBA General Management

From the next program start in September 2016 on, applicants for the part-time MBA General Management study program at Munich Business School (MBS) get the option to choose from four elective courses. Following the trends and developments of the international business world, the elective courses “Social Entrepreneurship” and “Digital Business Transformation” complement the previously eligible courses “Management of Emerging Markets” and “Global Supply Chain Management” to provide the MBA students with additional options to broaden their international business expertise.

The MBA General Management study program covers topics from three essential areas: Business & Management Knowledge, Executive & Leadership Skills and International Business Environment. In addition, students select two out of four elective courses to deepen their knowledge in those specific areas.

Following the latest business trends

For the second term of their MBA General Management studies, students decide between “Global Supply Chain Management” and the newly installed elective course “Social Entrepreneurship”; for the third term, the choice is between “Management of Emerging Markets” and the second new elective “Digital Business Transformation”.

Doing business sustainably

Social Entrepreneurship – the idea to do business while simultaneously tackling social issues in an innovative as well as pragmatic manner – has become a reliable model of entrepreneurship in many fields and industries, i.e. education, labor market integration and ecology, amongst others.

In the “Social Entrepreneurship” elective course, students will not only receive a basic theoretical introduction into the subject, but also get to know possible fields of professional activity as well as specific challenges and many more aspects of Social Entrepreneurship.

Learning digital business strategies

As this is true for many other areas of life, the digital revolution – alongside its technologies and methods – has had a heavy influence on the business world as well. This development has caused the need for many companies to change processes in order to manage the transfer into the digital business world.

In the “Digital Business Transformation” elective course, students will learn the basics of digital business transformation and eventually focus on applying new tool and methods to successfully transform a business into a digital business.


For additional information on the new elective courses and the MBA General Management study program in general, please visit our MBA General Management website. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our MBA Program Advisor, Juliane Große, via email or phone (+49 (0)89 547678-254).