MBS Professor Dr. Todd Davey Engages in University-Business Cooperation Events

MBS University-Business Cooperation

MBS Professor Dr. Todd Davey engaged in two events that focused on university-business cooperation.

“Entrepreneurial Universities on the Menu”

Entrepreneurial Universities Workshop, Amsterdam, 20-21 September, 2017

Prof. Todd Davey facilitated and co-hosted the inaugural workshop on “Entrepreneurial Universities” bringing together 24 knowledge transfer professionals from 12 countries. The workshop was run by University Industry Innovation Network, a leading network in the field of university-business cooperation and the entrepreneurial and engaged university concepts. Over the two days, participants explored the concept of what makes an entrepreneurial university combining research and practice from Todd’s experience and research. This included the UBC Ecosystem model, 51 good practice university-business cases (available at www.ub-cooperation.eu), and the largest international study on the topic of university-business cooperation yet completed. The workshop also included a tour of a local start-up hub at the Amsterdam Science Park as well as a lavish dinner at the funky Wolf Atelier restaurant, a restaurant renowned for its challenging menu, innovative location and ability to inspire new thinking.

More information at: https://edu.uiin.org/index/entrepreneurialuniversity

“Challenging the Role of Universities” – Keynote at the European Commission’s Thematic University-Business Forum

University Business Forum, Vis/Croatia, 19-20 October, 2017

Prof. Dr. Todd Davey was invited as a keynote speaker to present at the European Commission’s Thematic University-Business Forum which took place on the island of Vis, Croatia, and home of the VERN Business School Island campus. His presentation on the “The State of University-Business Cooperation in Europe” presented results from the largest international study on the topic yet completed. Highlighting the importance of developing long term relationships with employers and innovation-intensive companies, Todd challenged European universities to become more engaged as a key aspect in modernising higher education and creating greater research impact. He also hosted a workshop exploring the concept of how universities and industry can interact.

The University Business Forum (UB Forum), established in 2008, is part of the European Commission’s initiative aimed at supporting modernisation of higher education and strengthening cooperation between academia and business on a European level and is a platform to bring together the key stakeholders in driving the knowledge economy and those vital to the regeneration of competitiveness of Europe.

More information at: http://www.ubforum-croatia.eu/