Trendence Graduate Barometer 2020 – WiWi Edition: Munich Business School Among the Top 3 Private Universities of Applied Sciences in Seven of the Eight Categories

MBS 2020 Trendence Absolventenbarometer

In the current edition of the Trendence Graduate Barometer, Munich Business School once again scores top positions in the most important categories, thus confirming and extending its ratings from previous years.

More than 17.000 students from 127 German universities and universities of applied sciences took part in this year’s Trendence Graduate Barometer, including 77 Bachelor and Master students at MBS. The Graduate Barometer is an annual survey by the independent market research and consulting company Trendence, in which students can rate their university in various categories. The student survey is divided into five different subject areas.

MBS number one of all private universities of applied sciences in the categories internationality, faculty and library

In seven of the eight evaluation categories, Munich Business School achieved placements within the top 3 of all private universities of applied sciences. In the categories internationality, faculty and library, MBS even leads the field of all private universities of applied sciences with first place, and also in a nationwide comparison of all 127 universities in the ranking, the university can position itself at the top in terms of teaching staff and internationality and occupies an extremely positive fourth and seventh place.

What MBS students value most about their lecturers is their sound professional competence as well as their motivation, helpfulness and availability. With regard to the internationality of the study programs and the university as a whole, both the exchange programs and the lectures in a foreign language are positively noticed. Furthermore, the international atmosphere on campus and the cosmopolitanism are among the strengths of the university. In addition, students are particularly satisfied with the workplaces and the opportunities for digital learning, the career opportunities, the service and counselling, as well as the location of the university.

Overall, MBS students rate their experience at the university on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being the best rating, with a grade of 2.7. This value is above the average of all universities as well as above the average of private universities.

“We are pleased to see that our claim to a solid university education is confirmed on many levels and that the students appreciate, for example, the choice of our lecturers and professors as well as the international orientation of our studies. At the same time, the feedback from students gives us important impulses as to the areas in which we as a university should develop further in the future. Especially in difficult and challenging times, the quality of education is crucial,” says Prof. Dr. Stefan Baldi, Dean of Munich Business School.

MBS students convince with above-average international and practical experience and soft skills

In a nationwide comparison of all students who took part in the student survey, MBS students stand out due to their above-average international experience, English language skills and practical experience. Nearly 70 and more than 50 percent of the students stated that they had studied or completed an internship abroad. The national average here is only 25 and 15 percent respectively. This is also the reason for the fluency in English which, according to the students’ own statements, almost 100 percent of the MBS students have; the national average is just under 68 percent. In addition, more than two thirds of the MBS students (70.1%) have already gained insights into the practical side of the business through an internship in Germany, while the national average of all students is just under 50 percent.

MBS students also excel when it comes to soft skills for the job market: According to their self-assessment, they are extremely flexible, socially competent, reliable, resilient, and performance-oriented.

Source: Trendence GmbH.