Working With and at EY: MBS Alumni Caroline Baumann and Maximilian Felmayer Provide Behind-the-Scenes Insights

Stephanie Stangl: How did things progress for you after the internship?

Maximilian Felmayer: We must have made a good impression, because we were taken on in the same team as student employees immediately after our internship. This also allowed us to write our master’s theses at EY. I was so interested in the topic of quantum computing that I made it the focus of my master’s thesis.

Caroline Baumann: In my master’s thesis, I look at how we can measure the progress of strategy implementation. We were recently taken on as full-time employees at EY, so our EY journey isn’t over yet. From this fall, we’ll both start work in the Strategy and Transactions service line. The selection interviews for the positions were really challenging. However, we prepared well and made it through.

Stephanie Stangl: What is EY like as an employer?

Maximilian Felmayer: Once again, there were three things that really made us feel at home at EY. For one, EY strives to accommodate its employees on a personal level, such as through flexible working hours and locations. As a result, we were able to effectively combine our private and work lives. Above all, we received a lot of constructive, direct feedback and praise. We felt – and still feel – appreciated on a personal level.

Caroline Baumann: EY also has a wide range of CPD and social engagement activities. There’s an internal, proprietary platform where you can spend hundreds of hours completing all kinds of training on topics such as data analysis using Power Apps, PowerPoint, Excel and even Photoshop. Furthermore, the EY Ripples program facilitates social engagement. At the end of the day, you can see that EY has a strong interest in ensuring its employees engage with social issues.

Maximilian Felmayer: The third point we’d like to mention is the entire EY team. Of course, we’ve only been able to get to know a fraction of them, but our impression so far is that EY benefits from highly qualified, helpful and intelligent employees. That helped us a lot as newcomers and we felt welcome from the outset.

Stephanie Stangl: What have you been able to take from your time at MBS that helps you in your daily work?

Caroline Baumann: MBS prepared us very well, particularly in terms of coordinating lots of different tasks and topics at the same time – which is project management, really. As we mentioned earlier, we worked on various topics at the same time during our internship. This means you need to be organized and structured in your work and in yourself. Prioritizing is another skill we had to learn. If you work on lots of tasks at the same time, this can sometimes mean that you can’t finish or solve everything you need to. It’s certainly been a learning process. The ability to scrutinize and keep an open, future-focused mindset – skills we honed in numerous courses at MBS – helped us in many of our tasks and often brought us praise. We had dealings with lots of different stakeholders and decision-makers, which meant that we also encountered different opinions. The best solution wasn’t always obvious, especially when it came to politically sensitive tasks. But that’s something you have to be able to handle.

Maximilian Felmayer: Another key lesson: learn to use MS Office programs! Excel and PowerPoint are de facto essentials. But if you can master programs like Power BI and Alteryx, you’ll make a lot of progress very quickly and very easily.

Stephanie Stangl: Finally, what advice would you give to current MBS students looking for an internship?

Maximilian Felmayer: Following on from what I said before: be open to opportunities and be flexible. Build up your knowledge in topic areas that really interest you. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to apply it in practice, particularly in large companies.

Caroline Baumann: Trust in your abilities and draw confidence from them! You shouldn’t be afraid of the big-name companies Max mentions, as MBS prepares students very well for the world of work, so you have every right to trust in yourself.