International, practice-oriented and personal – the MBS Business Blog of Munich Business School is grounded in the philosophy of our private university. The most important link between university and economy are our more than 150 teachers and lecturers: They are at home in and shift between both worlds, the lecture room and their leadership positions in the economy. The MBS Business Blog will give them a platform to discuss current topics comprehensively, explain their lectures, publish research topics and focal subjects and invite partners.

Jesus Improvement at Easter

March 22, 2024

Like in every discipline, there are also jokes about or inside economics that are not entirely comprehensible to outsiders. One of them is the question: “We all know what a Pareto improvement is. So, what […]

Why does Santa not bring us presents?

December 19, 2023

With the help of game theory, Dr. Florian Bartholomae, Professor of Economics at Munich Business School, explains why it is difficult from an economic perspective to deal with Santa and the presents. Every year at […]

Coordination Problem During the Search for Eggs

April 3, 2023

The quite strange business model of the Easter Bunny involves hiding Easter eggs, candy, and chocolate in many different places. However, the primary goal is not to protect these treasures from unauthorized access, but rather […]

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