Failure and Happiness

October 27, 2016

Failure belongs to life, just as much as night belongs to day. We all know that. But still we are doing our utmost – more or less – to avoid failure. If this is not […]

About the Privilege of Assuming Responsibility

May 20, 2016

“We should think about how to use our privilege for assuming responsibility for ourselves and for society.” This was one of the most important phrases that were said at this year’s MBS Graduation Gala. Why? […]

MBA Meet the Expert – Successful Failing

April 22, 2016

Without Columbus’ failure to sail westward to India, the world would not be the same today. But it’s not only serendipity, turning a wrong step into the first step in the right direction. Failures and […]

3 Years of Happiness :-)

February 1, 2016

This week the course “Success Factor Happiness” is going into its third year in the Master International Business program. MBS professor Christian Schmidkonz is joined by such distinguished co-lecturers André Daiyû Steiner and Dr. Florian […]

Seven Recommendations to Boost Your Studies

July 31, 2015

What should I do to optimize my studies? How do I find a good job after my graduation? What is it that I should start with at this point already to get a head start […]