MBS Trio Publishes Article on “Transformative Technologies” in Swiss SME Trade Journal KMU-Magazin

MBS TransTech

Master International Business alumnus Philipp Reitmeier and MBS Professors Dr. Patrica Kraft and Dr. Christian Schmidkonz have published an article about Transformative Technologies (or, TransTech), and how they contribute to finding one’s inner peace in the Swiss SME trade journal KMU-Magazin (subscription required; in German language).

“(…) there is a movement that is concerned with how technologies can be used specifically to enhance one’s well-being: TransTech, (…) a scalable commercial hardware and software developed to improve subjective emotional and mental well-being,” as Christian Schmidkonz has put it in a blog article published earlier this year. Transformative Technologies comprise, e. g., SensorTech (wearables such as Fitbit), SleepTech (e. g., kokoon headphones), and similar non-invasive technology that helps users to reduce stress, control one’s breathing etc.