Interview With Georg Droschl, Course Leader of the Certified Business Data Scientist Program

MBS Data Science

In October, the Certified Business Data Scientist course, which Munich Business School offers in cooperation with the Controller Institut in Vienna, will start again. In the interview, course leader Georg Droschl provides insights into the course curriculum and explains for which target groups the seminar is relevant.

MBS Insights: Dear Mr. Droschl, could you please introduce yourself briefly? What is your background and what has your career looked like so far?

Georg Droschl: My background is in technology: I am a telematics engineer specialized in machine learning and received my doctorate in software engineering. I have worked for various software manufacturers and was last responsible for the “Intelligent Cloud” as Business Group Lead at Microsoft in Austria.
With the Certified Business Data Scientist I have been involved from the very beginning, first as a trainer and now as a course leader.
Since 2018 I am working for pmOne – a solution provider for data and analytics solutions: I work there in consulting, take care of new business development and give lectures.

Georg Droschl

MBS Insights: What fascinates and interests you about the topics Data Science and Big Data and what motivates you to conduct the course?

Georg Droschl: I am fascinated by the application of these technologies in companies: The wow-effect when the participants discover the “toolbox” Data Science for themselves. It’s always great to see that the course takes us from the selection of use cases to the practical implementation of individual examples by the participants.

MBS Insights: How is the Certified Business Data Scientist course structured and what skills do participants gain?

Georg Droschl: In the course we teach the basics of data science, examples from practice and strengthen the knowledge through group work. The trainers show demos as instructions for the hands-on exercises on the participants’ PCs.
Finally, each participant works on a science project, whose topic can be chosen by the participant. In this way, the participants show that they can carry out a data science project on their own.

MBS Insights: For which work fields and target groups is the seminar relevant and why?

Georg Droschl: The course is aimed at those who want to implement data science projects in a leading position – you could perhaps call them “Project Manager Data Science”. There are actually no restrictions with regard to the specialist departments: The participants come from marketing, controlling, purchasing and IT, among others.
For most of the participants*, this is their first step into Data Science, others want to expand their knowledge and get to know new application areas. They come to our course because they want to expand or deepen their “toolbox” in Data Science.

MBS Insights: Why do you think one should attend the seminar at Munich Business School in cooperation with the Controller Institut? What is the unique selling point of this course?

Georg Droschl: I don’t know of any other course with this breadth; where data science basics are taught in a data science course, where participants use their personal notebooks to analyze data themselves and build predictive analytics models, and then complete their own data science project.

Become curious? Then register quickly for our course in Munich, the next starting date is October 13, 2020. All information about the course and registration can be found on our website.