Lecture series “Presenting Female Rolemodels”: Prof. Dr. Wei Manske-Wang

Yesterday evening another event took place at MBS on the topic of “Presenting Female Rolemodels” as part of the “Women in Leadership” initiative. The lecture series sheds light on the stories, insights and secrets of success of interesting, female leadership personalities and is intended to give interested students a look “behind the scenes”.

Nathalie von Seyfried (Chancellor of MBS) and Prof. Dr. Patricia Kraft (Vice Dean Learning and Teaching) invited Prof. Dr. Wei Manske-Wang from Management Center Innsbruck, a truly international personality, manager and successful bridge builder between China and Europe, to yesterday’s online event.

Over 120 students followed the charismatic online lecture with lively follow-up discussion from all over the world: China, India, Ukraine, Switzerland, UK and even North and South America.

Dr. Wei Manske-Wang gave the participants many valuable tips, which she illustrated with very concrete examples and stations from her life. One piece of advice was that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – i.e. the ability to correctly assess feelings (in oneself and others) and human relationships and to act accordingly – combined with tolerance, empathy and the ability to network are much more important for personal and professional success than outstanding professional knowledge (IQ).

With the concluding advice “Do what you are good at and have a long breath” a successful event of the “Presenting Female Rolemodels” series ended.