DBA Degree With Options – Why Programs Co-Run by Two Institutions Offer Better Quality and a Head Start Into Academia

Successful research requires consistency and discipline; however, it is also important to have the necessary support one may need at any point in this journey. Benefitting from the expertise based at two institutions with different specializations, is a great advantage that opens up wide array of resources and in this article, we will take a look at some of the ways in which joining such a cross-institutional DBA program may give you a head start into the goal of joining the business science community.

Access to resources

First advantage is the access to knowledge and resources in material form. Different institutions offer different access points so having two of those access points provides a wider range of resources to complement your studies. This can be in the form of national libraries or the institution’s own resources, subscriptions or events that are usually exclusive to members of that particular institution. It is also important to mention networks that come with this dual arrangement with both institutions working as hubs for those already in the scientific community. Accessing papers and knowledge becomes easier which means that such programs generally offer a lot more in value.

Access to guidance

The second advantage that joint programs offer is the access to the right people themselves. An outstanding DBA prograe will give you the possibility to benefit from the guidance from both institutions, be it in the form of supervision but also in terms of reference to field specialists. It is not about holding your hand throughout the program but giving you a wider spectrum of options should you need support. Research can be consuming, especially when it’s done in parallel with your job. Therefore, when selecting the program provider, make sure that it’s not just a program where you will be left to your own devices. Having options is the best choice, even if you find that you are surfing through your research without the need for assistance.

Access to broader research sample

Let’s say that your research focuses on customer behavior. To perform your study, a wide sample is required to complete questionnaires or setting up a diverse focus group. With a joint program, this can be a little bit easier since you’d effectively have those two touch points through which you can promote your research and put together a sizeable and diverse sample group. You’ll also have a wider network through which your research group can become more diverse, contributing to the success of your study. That’s because you’d have a freedom to compare behaviours basing on location with focus on specific age groups as an example. Again, whilst this particular example may not be a 1:1 representation of your own research, it is there to illustrate the options that a joint program offers.

As you can see, there are benefits that can be drawn from completing your DBA on a joint program. The main benefit is to give you a wider scope of options should one be required. Considering the length of a typical DBA program, it is wise to keep all options on the table since you never know when you may need to make use of such support. Furthermore, making the most out of the tools available will certainly make the whole process easier and enjoyable. After all, you really want to drive your research with passion of the explorer and learning throughout the process. Having the option to seek support in the process, can make all the difference on your journey to the top. 

Munich Business School in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University offers an opportunity to join a DBA program, for more information check out our website or contact DBA Program Advisor Maciej Kapron.