Privacy Policy

August 9, 2019

information contained in your message Please note that the amount of personal data collected in the context of the consultation form also depends on the details you reveal in the […]

Potpourri of Home Office Impressions

May 11, 2020

…we are companions in the everyday life of the university. In the new situation, the students primarily addressed their inquiries to us via e-mail and/or telephone. We tried to meet… […]

What Makes a Sports Brand Great?

September 13, 2016

in the case of Manchester United F.C., Barcelona F.C. and Bayern Munich in their international pursuits[8]. The value of brands in sport was highly visible in the Fußballstudie 2015 (football… […]

Is MBA worth it?

April 18, 2024

…it?” many see the growth in earning potential as something that can pay of the initial investment into the degree. According to a 2021 report on Alumni Perspectives on the […]

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