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 Friederike Kittelmann , MSc

Friederike Kittelmann studied Communication Studies (B.A.) at Grand Valley State University and Higher Education and Student Affairs (M.Sc. in Education) at Indiana University. After completing her M.Sc., she worked for three years in Residence Life at Elon University before moving back to Munich. At Indiana University and Elon University Ms. Kittelmann taught courses on the topics of leadership, transition skills, and student development. 2016 till 2020, Ms. Kittelmann was an outgoing study abroad advisor in the International Center at MBS, currently she is Research Associate at MBS.

At MBS:  Lecturer for Study Skills

Programs:  Pre-Bachelor International Business

Topics of expertise:  Student Development

Adjorlolo, F.V., Fisher, K.A., Habbel, F.I., King, K.B., Liota, J.L, & Looney, M.R. (2013): Women’s leadership competencies in mixed-gender and single-gender environments. Journal of the Indiana University Student Personnel Association, 75-94.

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