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Prof. Dr. Katja M. Bubmann

Prof. Dr. Katja M. Bubmann did an apprenticeship as industrial clerk at Siemens and afterwards studied economics at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. Afterwards, she worked as Research Associate at the economics institute of LMU where she also wrote her doctoral thesis.


In 1993, she continued her career in the private sector as an Auditing Assistant at audit and consultant firm KPMG. In 2004, she was appointed a Partner in the audit field of KPMG's Munich offices. There, Prof. Dr. Katja M. Bubmann was responsible for the management of annual audits of SMEs as well as huge client companies, the internal quality assurance and the audit risk management.


In addition, she worked as an instructor for the KPMG training program and has been lecturing at the Wissenschaftliche Hochschule Lahr as well as the Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin. At MBS, Prof. Dr. Katja M. Bubmann has been a lecturer since 2007. Since 2016, she holds a professorship in Finance and Accounting.

At MBS: Professor for Finance and Accounting

Courses: Master International Business, MBA General Management

Focus: Financial Management and Accounting


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Bubmann, K. / Zirus, W. (2017): The Going Concern Principle and its Significance for Accounting and Auditing. Munich Business School, 10-18-2017,


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