MBS Meets Classic – an EY Initiative

On the 10th of November the Munich Business School students had the chance to listen to the Orchestra Academy of the Bayerischer Rundfunk at the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche Munich. Quite an example of holistic education at MBS. It just reflects the culture of MBS, where education takes place within an international environment, is very practical and beyond the normal business point of view. This generalist approach is highly appreciated by the MBS students.

Actually the initiative and invitation came from Hubert Barth, Managing Partner at EY and lecturer at MBS, aiming at connecting two groups of young motivated and talented people. The Orchestra Academy has the goal of educating especially young talented instrumentalists from all over the world, just like the Munich Business School students in the field of business administration.

Each of the MBS students was very curious about the evening, and especially the musical direction that would be played. The evening was a pleasurable mix consisting of Bach, modern pieces and Jazz. In the end, the audience was impressed of the skills the musician have and the applause seemed to be never ending.

After the concert the students had the great opportunity, to meet and make a photo with the orchestra. Finally, all of them got together with us in a bar in order to get to know each other better, being generously sponsored by Mr. Barth and EY. „It was remarkable that there was no time needed to crush the ice. All were eager to learn more about each other, and we ate, drank, laughed, danced and discussed with each other. Common topics were found quickly, ranging of pressure to perform, study or rehearse techniques, the stress before and the relief after a well done exam or presentation.“, said Master International Business student Denis Day after the evening.