Current CHE University Ranking Confirms Unique International Orientation of MBS Study Programs

MBS CHE Hochschulranking

The CHE University Ranking published this week certifies the high international orientation of Munich Business School (MBS). All the study programs provided – from Bachelor International Business through the Master’s programs of Master International Business as well as Master Sports Business and Communication right through to MBA programs in General Management and International Management – are included in the leading group in the ranking category „International Orientation of Study & Teaching“. Students at MBS awarded their university the overall grade of 1.9 in the student survey.

In the university ranking system U-Multirank and the trendence Graduate Barometer , Munich Business School was already convincing with the international orientation of its study programs. The independent experts of the Centre for University Development (CHE) have now reached a similar outcome.

International Orientation of Study & Teaching: The leading group for all Bachelor, Masters and MBA Programs

The study programs Bachelor International Business, MBA General Management and MBA International Management were able to convince in the current ranking with 9 out of 11 possible points, the Master International Business even achieved 10 of 11 points. The Master Sports Business and Communication with 8 out of 11 points likewise should be attributed to the leading group.
Indicators such as time spent abroad during studying, the proportion of international students and the provision of foreign language study programs were evaluated in the ranking category „International Orientation of Study &Teaching“

MBS Ranked Good by MBS Students

In the student survey forming an important component of the CHE University Ranking, MBS similarly achieved a good value with an overall grade of 1.9 (on a scale of 1 to 6).
MBS students awarded the teaching provided a grade of 2.0. They showed they were especially satisfied with the international orientation of teaching provided here (grade 1.4), with more than 90 % of those questioned evaluating it as „good“ or „very good“.

In the category academic feasibility the students awarded an overall grade of 1.8. They commented especially positively regarding access to teaching events (grade 1.7) and concerning the numbers of participants on courses (grade 1.4).

Questioned concerning time spent abroad, above all the appeal of the courses of study at the foreign universities arranged (grade 1.7), information on studies abroad (grade 1.7) as well as support and advice during preparation for studying abroad (grade 2.0) was convincing.

In the ranking category of relevance to the employment market and professional careers (overall grade 2.1), MBS students awarded good grades, above all in the field of professional relevance of qualifications awarded (grade 1.8) and the number of courses with practical relevance (grade 1.8).

Prof. Dr. Stefan Baldi, Dean of the Munich Business School

„We are satisfied with the performance of MBS in many fields of the CHE University Ranking. We are especially pleased to receive further confirmation of the international orientation of our study programs,“ says Prof. Dr. Stefan Baldi, Dean of Munich Business School.

You can find an overview of results for Munich Business School in the CHE University Ranking here.

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