Global University Ranking U-Multirank: Munich Business School Germany’s Best Private University of Applied Sciences in “Business Studies”

MBS U-Multirank

Excellent Grades for International Orientation of the Bachelor, Master and MBA Programs

In the latest edition of the independent global university ranking U-Multirank, Munich Business School (MBS) was able to confirm its convincing results of the previous year and is Germany’s best private university of applied sciences in “Business Studies”. Its Bachelor, Master and MBA programs were awarded with top ratings in the category “International Orientation”. Moreover, its students confirmed MBS’ high “Teaching & Learning” quality.

Since 2014, U-Multirank, the biggest global university ranking, has been evaluating universities in the five categories “Teaching & Learning”, “Research”, “Knowledge Transfer”, “International Orientation” and “Regional Commitment”. In its current fourth edition, the ranking experts examined and rated 1,500 universities in 99 countries, among them 89 in Germany. The evaluation also included the results of a students’ survey comprising 100,000 participants.

Germany’s Best Private University of Applied Sciences in “Business Studies”

In the overall evaluation, taking into account all ranking criteria, MBS achieved an excellent sixth place among all German universities of applied sciences offering business administration study programs – and thus is number one of all private institutions (overview).

As in the previous year, MBS was able, above all, to convince the independent experts – and its own students – in the areas of “International Orientation” and “Teaching & Learning”.

“Very good” International Orientation of the Bachelor, Master and MBA Programs

U-Multirank awarded “very good” (grade 1 on a scale of 1 to 5) to the international orientation of the MBS Bachelor, Master and MBA programs. In this context, the Bachelor International Business program achieved 10 of 13 points (#3 of all universities), the Master and MBA programs even won 12 of 13 points (#1 of all universities). The “Opportunities to study abroad” received “good” (grade 1,8) from the interviewed MBS students.

In the category “International Orientation” at university level throughout Germany, MBS took the 7th rank and the 3rd rank among all universities of applied sciences (overview). To evaluate the international orientation, the experts scrutinized factors such as mandatory stays abroad, opportunities for an international dual degree and the number of international students at the university.

MBS Ranked Top 25 Performer in “Student Mobility” 

(Update: April 19, 2017) U-Multirank has also published its “Top 25 Performers” lists by selected indicators from each of the five ranking dimensions (Research, Knowledge Transfer, International Orientation, Regional Engagement, Teaching & Learning). Like in the 2016 ranking, MBS is once again ranked as a “Top 25 Performer” for the “International Orientation – Student Mobility” indicator, achieving the 6th rank amongst 1,500 universities from all around the world investigated in the ranking.

According to U-Multirank, “(having) an international student body and offering students the opportunity to study part of their degree-programme abroad is an indication of the international orientation of a university. In order to provide a full picture of mobility and international exchange U-Multirank takes into account both incoming and outgoing mobility.”

Students Confirm High Quality of „Teaching & Learning“

In the “Teaching & Learning” category, students were interviewed with regards to the quality of courses and teaching, inclusion of work/ practical experience, overall learning experience, organization of the programs and contact with teachers. For these aspects, students rated “their” MBS with “good” (grade 2) in 7 of 8 criteria. This places MBS among Germany’s best universities across all disciplines in this category as well, ranking second of all universities and thus finishing first amongst all German universities of applied sciences in “Teaching & Learning” (overview).

“We are very proud to have succeeded in confirming last year’s good results in this ranking. We place highest priority on the international orientation of our study programs. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that this aspect was so favorably rated by the experts and also our students,” comments Prof. Dr. Stefan Baldi, Dean of MBS. “And we are also particularly happy about the good results of the student survey in the areas of ‘Teaching & Learning’. After all, student satisfaction is the most crucial parameter for our university.”

Comprehensive Evaluation of Universities

U-Multirank is the first international university ranking that – through its multidimensional approach – attempts to draw a picture of the examined universities that is as comprehensive as possible. To come to results, U-Multirank bundles data from several sources, inter alia from bibliometric and international patent data bases, university data and the data of an extensive student survey. U-Multirank is subsidized by the European Union.

To see the overall results for MBS here.