MBS Master International Business Student Janine Jakob Is Bringing Happiness to China

MBS Janine Jakob Happiness

As reported before, MBS Master International Business student Janine Jakob fell in love with China during her semester abroad at SKEMA Business School in Suzhou. Ever since, she has not only decided to move her home to the “Middle Kingdom”, but also engaged in various activities to build a base for her new life in China. One outstanding feat Janine has already accomplished was the foundation of a Happiness Association at SKEMA Business School, including the organization of happiness-related events such as a couple of “Workplace Well-being Summits”. Now, she is planning to make Chinese companies familiar with the topics of happiness, well-being, and the like.

The German daily newspaper Schwäbisches Tagblatt has just published an article that portrays Janine and her adventurous journey. Keep moving, Janine!