Staying Current with Advanced Teaching Techniques: MBS Professor Dr. Jose Alcaraz Attends “Writing Effective Cases” Workshop

MBS Case Study Workshop

What are some of the secrets of good communication? How do we reach other people and pull them in? How do we, and our students, learn deeply? Certainly, narratives and stories play a crucial part in all the above issues. Good and compelling stories are the heart not only of great movies or novels, but also of business case studies – one of the most powerful teaching tools to engage students and executives, and utilized by the best business schools all over the world.

In one of its constant initiatives to keep its professors current with the most advanced teaching and learning techniques, Munich Business School sent Prof. Dr. Jose Alcaraz, Academic Director of the MBA International Management program at MBS, to Lausanne, Switzerland, to attend the “Writing Effective Cases” workshop, held at the premises of IMD Business School.

MBS Case Study Workshop

The workshop, organized by The Case Center, focused on what makes a good case study, and how to craft engaging cases by oneself. In addition, the workshop provided insightful information on teaching plans (denoting the case’s target groups, teaching strategy, learning objectives etc.) and many tips for enhancing the students’ learning experience when dealing with cases.

“It was an exciting and truly fruitful workshop not only to learn on what makes effective case studies that foster deep, transformative learning, but also on sharpening one’s case writing skills in order to create own cases and make the classroom alive,” Prof. Dr. Alcaraz summarizes the event.