»Green Talks« at Munich Business School

On the 30th of October, the event »Green Talks« took place at the MBS Lounge. The event is organised by bachelor students with the purpose of planting the seed of environmental responsibilty into anyone who attends. Three speakers of different backgrounds were invited to ignite the Green conversation at the MBS.

Manuela Braunmüller, a photographer who showcased her project »Cow’s Milk«.

Green city, a munich environmental organisation presented their projects.

Mantahari, an ocean plastic start-up by Tim Noack, which has set itself the goal to generate money for ocean projects, above all for the MMF, by selling products.

The event shall provoking thought and reminding us all the importance of corporate social responsibility. Hopefully the event will be an occasion to establish a Green Committee at MBS and lay the foundation for further “Green Talks” events.