Digital Detox – Professor Dr. Patricia Kraft and Professor Dr. Christian Schmidkonz give recommendations in Human Resources Manager Magazine

Das Smartphone ist immer mit dabei
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Smartphone, tablet & co. are an integral part of our work and private life. They accompany us in meetings, during lunch with colleagues and even at bedtime. But the effects of digital consumption on body, mind and our work behavior have also been extensively researched and proven. As a result, Digital Detox – i.e. switching off digital devices for a certain period of time – is becoming increasingly popular. Although an absolute digital detox is unrealistic, especially in working life, there are certainly possibilities for a more self-determined use of digital media. MBS professors Dr. Patricia Kraft and Dr. Christian Schmidkonz have also conducted research on this topic. In a recent article published in the Human Resources Manager Magazine they summarize some of their recommendations for Digital Detox at the workplace, such as retrieving e-mails  exclusively within fixed time slots. The full article can be found here.

Book recommendation

Book "Digital Detox im Arbeitsleben"
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