Interview with Jaimin Shah, MBS Bachelor’s Student and Founder of Visa Vistara

MBS Insights: Your bachelor’s studies at MBS are now coming to an end. Looking back, what is your best memory and what tip do you have for future (international) MBS students?

Jaimin Shah: The best experience was always the MBS networking events and parties at the MBS Lounge, where I made I made lifelong international friends and created many memories. This experience is irreplaceable. I think being open to change and flexible is something I learned during my bachelor’s studies at MBS. Looking back, I never imagined I would need to complete my final semesters online because of COVID-19. However, it allowed me to balance my studies and work more efficiently. Whether you want to start your career as an employee or start your own business, being flexible and dealing with the situation in a positive way is necessary.

MBS Insights: Starting in June, you’ll be working in Investment Banking as an M&A Analyst – congratulations on that and good luck. What will happen next with your education agency? Will you still continue and what are the next goals?

Jaimin Shah: Thank you so much! Yes, I am excited to start my career as an M&A Analyst as I have always been interested in numbers and finance. Visa Vistara in India continues to grow and we are recruiting more and more people. With a slight restructuring, my task will be to manage people and processes efficiently. I think this is where my studies at MBS will definitely help me to establish myself as a young manager. The next goal for Visa Vistara is to launch a new service package in the field of working visa application.