MBS at the ISPO 2023: A Day Full of Impressions and Inspiration

The Sport Business and Communication cohort recently embarked on a noteworthy visit to ISPO 2023 in Munich, where the day unfolded with a series of enriching talks, engaging competitions, and meaningful interactions.

Gordon Herbert, the esteemed head coach of Germany’s national basketball team and the victorious 2023 world champion, delivered a thought-provoking address that resonated profoundly with our class. His central message advocated for self-reflection on one’s journey, and a continuous pursuit of improvement irrespective of success. Emphasizing the values of humility and a persistent commitment to excellence, Herbert encouraged our cohort to concentrate on three specific areas for personal and professional development, leaving an enduring impact.

The speaker roster comprised distinguished figures in the sports business domain, including Thomas Tuchel, Dominik Klein, and Sebastian Kienle. Each speaker contributed unique perspectives, enriching our understanding of the dynamic and intricate landscape of sports business.

A standout event in our itinerary was the ISPO Fight Club, wherein founders vied for the ISPO brand new award. What set this experience apart was our active participation; our class votes carried significant influence after each round, shaping the ultimate winners. This interactive approach not only heightened the excitement but also facilitated introductions to various intriguing new sports companies.

Beyond the talks, our students seized the opportunity to engage with representatives from the companies they had analyzed in their presentations of the second-semester digital sports lecture. These interactions proved invaluable, providing nuanced insights and fostering meaningful connections within the industry.

The students, amongst others, delved into the analysis of three ISPO award-winning companies, namely:

  • Evergreen Barbell Eco Grip Disc
    The UK-based company won the ISPO award in 2023. With their barbell plates made out of 80% recycled materials, Evergreen Barbell demonstrates how the fitness equipment industry can change. This company illustrates the possibility of reducing emissions in production processes in the fitness equipment industry.
  • Mescan by Cardioscan
    The Hamburg-based company won the ISPO award in 2022. Manufacturing scales that allow for precise measurements of body measurements, and providing essential information for tailored training plans and recommendations. Guided by a distinct vision, Mescan aims to empower individuals in effortlessly pursuing their goals and embracing a healthy lifestyle through their innovative solutions.
  • Vaha
    The Berlin-based company, VAHA, secured the prestigious ISPO Gold Award and the title of Product of the Year in 2021. Offering a sleek alternative for those who prefer home workouts without bulky equipment, the VAHA smart mirror was introduced by Valerie Bures-Bönström, the founder of the fitness studio chain “Mrs Sporty”. This intelligent fitness mirror provides a range of workouts spanning cardio, strength training, yoga, dance, and flexibility. Additionally, users can access personalized training sessions via video calls directly on the mirror. The personal coaching feature includes nutritional consultations with customized plans for individuals.

The ISPO 2023 excursion served as a confluence of experiences, seamlessly blending theoretical knowledge with real-world encounters. It was a day that will be remembered by our Sport Business and Communication students, offering a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of the sports business world. As we reflect on this day brimming with impressions and inspiration, we carry forward the lessons learned, the connections made, and the motivation to continuously strive for excellence in the field of sports business.